Compliance Library Updates – Q4 2021

Compliance library

Since September 2021 we have updated and added the following Libraries: EASA Part 21 Part 26 Part CS 26 (New part added) Part 145 Part ADR.OPS Part ATM/ANS.AR Part ATM/ANS.OR Part DEF ATM/ANS Part ATS Part CAMO Part M Part ML Part SERA UAS PART B FAA FAR 61 FAR 91 FAR 107 CASA We […]

New possibilities with the Transfer User feature

Transfer user

Do you know that in Web Manuals, you can transfer from one user to another, their Roles, responsibilities, document ownership compliance responsibilities and much more! Being in an agile work environment means that people’s roles and responsibilities can often change, but thanks to the Transfer User feature, you can easily transfer responsibilities with just one […]

Compliance Library Updates in Q3

compliance libraries updates during Q3

For our Part FCL and Part ORA customers, we are excited to announce that we have now published these libraries with Guidance Materials (GMs), completely free of charge and without any additional fees! We understand that GMs are of critical importance for your operations and through this implementation, we hope to be assisting you to […]

Compliance Updates: Q2 2020

compliance libraries updates q2

EASA updates: Part CAMO Part M Part 145 Part 147 Part T FAA Update: FAA Part 43 added FAA Part 66 FAA Part 91 FAA Part 121 FAA Part 133 added FAA Part 135 FAA Part 137 added FAA Part 171 FAA Part 172 FAA Part 173 FAA Part 175 FAA Part 178 FAA Part […]