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Summer is over, winter is coming! We have concluded our summer sprint, and are back in normal release rotation with monthly releases. 

The summer sprint went very well, we had to postpone a few minor features, but we have worked hard on prototyping, so that we can continue delivering a new edge to aviation documentation. 

We were very happy to have released version 1.0.8 for the Reader app in the iOS app store, and are continuously adding new fixes and smaller features. The code for our Android Reader app is currently in open beta. Please go and test it if you have an android device.

Note that the Reader apps are available for tablets of any size as well as phones. 

What has been done?

This quarter consisted mostly of our summer sprint, hence a lot of time has been spent on building new and exciting features or prototypes. 

  • R&D for future projects
  • Improvements of internal tools
  • Server improvements
  • Image repository
  • A few upgrades to forms
  • Small updates to our PDF generator
  • Compliance action logs and better internal compliance handling
  • Movable dialog boxes
  • Reader comments can now be read in Admin view and not cut off
  • Better user information exported, including last login
  • Faster compliance library load times in Manage Libraries
  • Updated help information in Welcome emails
  • Updated markings for moved text sections

As always I urge you to visit our help center and watch the release notes and release videos to stay up to date.

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