The Web Manuals Implementation Project And Delivery Process

We are here to help you utilize the software in the best way possible. Therefore, the Web Manuals delivery process is state of the art.

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Onboarding a new software is always challenging, both for smaller and larger organisations. But just relax, we’ve got your back!

Once you have signed up for Web Manuals, we ensure a series of successful delivery projects. Our ISO-9001-certified delivery process delivers consistent and timely results. That is because we have years of experience in delivering demanding projects. Our product specialists will make sure to guide you through our system so that you can use it to its full potential. 

Our dedicated Project Managers lead all implementation projects and consequently ensure that client requirement is met within the project scope, budget, and time plan.


The delivery process includes a Structure Workshop where our experts will work with the client team to study and define the document design and workflow processes.


Our document conversion services help you organize and convert your documents into the standard Web Manuals format. Most importantly, this will give you full control over the document lifecycle. We also offer a service to do it for you!

We are
ISO Certified

Web Manuals holds several certifications. For example, we hold a certification for quality management, software life cycle processes, risk management, and information security management.

Our Partners are Subject Experts

Our partners provide leading expertise in all areas of aviation, be it flight operations, or implementing a document standard. You can be sure to get support from the best experts in the industry.

The Project Delivery Process in 5 Steps

Project Startup

  • Goals
  • Project plan
  • Set-up
  • Content transfer


  • Editor Training 
  • Best practice

Structure Workshop

Launch Workshop

  • Final preparations
  • Is everything correct?
  • Recap and FAQ

Go Live

  • Launch Web Manuals
  • Now you are a Web Manuals expert!

Project Closure

  • This is your time to give us feedback.
  • How did the project go?
  • What more can we do for you? 

Essential Onboarding for Essential Package

The Essential Onboarding is exclusively for customers who purchased the Essential Package. All meetings are conducted online and include:

Initial Meeting - 30 minutes

  • Designated Project managers introduction
  • Communication throughout the project
  • Initial setup of site (URL, logo, admins, CLs etc)
  • Booking editor training: dates, participants, costs
  • Content transfer service 

Open Editor Training - 3 hours

  • Demonstration of Web Manuals Reader
  • Web Manuals Lifecycle
  • Administration Overview
  • Manual Process
  • Exercises: Create, Edit and Publish a manual
  • Manual Settings and options
  • Advanced Editing: Images, Lists, Tables, Controlled links and Smart Modules

Open Admin Training - 60 minutes

  • Documents and category structure
  • Compliance Libraries and add on
  • Manage users, roles, permissions and devices
  • Forms Manager
  • Reports
  • Settings 

Check In Meeting - 30 minutes

  • FAQ session

The aviation industry is quite archaic, but with Web Manuals, you can adapt to the way the customer works. You are, at the same time, professional and experienced enough to challenge our way of working when it is appropriate. It’s also positive that Web Manuals is not a start-up - if I ask a question, Web Manuals has the answer. - Marius Brazys, Avion Express

After you sign up for Web Manuals, we ensure successful delivery by

  • Providing deployment and migration assistance to ensure that the transition is smooth.
  • Customizing the workflow to fit your specific needs.
  • Managing initial services such as importing and quality assuring existing content.
  • Training your users and administrators on how to get the most out of Web Manuals.
  • Performing administrative tasks such as setting up new user accounts.
  • Supporting users as an IT service desk.
  • Providing add-on solutions to Web Manuals, such as: deploying Microsoft SharePoint integration, Active Directory configuration, and much more.

Delivery Workshops and Content Transfer

Structure Workshop

The delivery process includes an Online Structure Workshop. Our experts will work with you and your team to define the organizational structure, document design, and workflow processes.



Furthermore, we review your documentation challenges and organizational requirement to identify the best approach for ensuring regulatory compliance.

Training editors and administrators

After joining Web Manuals your team will join a one day training to learn how to use the system. After this training, you will know how to import your existing Word documents, how to edit them in their new web document format, how to review and how to publish your documents. 

Launch Workshop

Towards the end of the delivery project, we conduct a Launch Workshop together with your team. We ensure that everything has been taken care of before going live. 

Document Conversion

You might have a few challenges with your current documents. For example, business and operational documents often have many different formats and designs. Another challenge might be duplicated content. Other challenges might include varying version control and differing quality. The problem is that these problems are affecting the safety and efficiency of operations.


Our document conversion services help you identify, organize, and convert your documents into the Web Manuals. Most importantly, this will give you full control over the document life-cycle.

Linnea Olsson lead instruction customer experience and support

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Web Manuals has full in-house customer support. You will always talk directly to an expert in the system. We offer both phone and email support.

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