Web Manuals strive for diversity and equality

Women's day

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Web Manuals strive for diversity and equality

Equality is a vital part of our core values. We are proud to lead the aviation industry in evolving towards a more inclusive and equal environment for all.

With equal representation and opportunities, we promote workspaces where women and men can develop, achieve their goals, and unlock their potential. It’s vital to encourage women’s empowerment in innovative and competitive industries, such as the aviation industry.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we joined the initiative hosted in Malmö by Gigstep & Geist. By promoting women’s participation in spaces for discussing and raising awareness about gender equality, we are building a more inclusive society. 

We gathered with women padel payers to support, educate and discuss the importance of gender equality and leadership techniques. 

Equality at the workplace 

Cecilia Lexe, a member of our headquarters in Malmö, was one of the contestants in the padel tournament. Cecilia highlighted that “representing Web Manuals is a great way to drive change in traditional man-dominated spaces, like sports or the IT industry.”

“At Web Manuals, we value our employees’ differences, which is a strong part of our culture. We all recognize how diversity contributes to innovation, a better work climate, team spirit, and outside-of-the-box thinking, among other positive things.”, said Ylva Lindgren, Director of Employee Experience at Web Manuals.

Our workforce is diverse, open, and inclusive, with a current rate of 53% women and 47% men. “We’re proud of providing equal opportunities for all and see equal representation where everyone feels empowered and inspired by each other,” pointed out Ylva.

A space for education 

During the event, the attendees also learned from two experts about women’s rights. Anna Blixt, a guest speaker and expert in Gender Equal Work Life (Jämställt Arbetsliv), shared with the audience tools to identify, create awareness, and deal with harmful behaviors such as MST (Master Suppression Techniques).

During the lecture, she explained how these -often unintentionally- social manipulations affect people in their surroundings and empowered attendees to learn how to keep healthy behaviors and avoid suppression.

She also addressed detailed information about the different types of MST (i.e., the compliment, ridiculizing, projection, martyr, and minimizing methods) and the importance of identifying it to be able to act and respond without manipulation.

Emily Lundquist was a lecturer representing Malmö Kvinnojour, a non-profit association offering protection and support to women exposed to violence and spreading knowledge about violence and oppression in close relationships.

Emily presented different types of violence and gave examples to understand that many of them, such as mental abuse, are not easy to recognize. She also exposed how we can prevent violence by reacting to some types of abusive behaviors.

Supporting young women without borders

Our commitment to supporting women worldwide is also reflected in the Web Manuals Foundation projects. Since 2017, this non-profit organization has initiated and financed education and support for entrepreneurship to strive for positive social development and poverty eradication.  

Through the Foundation, we’re creating conditions for education and entrepreneurship for young women, especially in developing countries. We’re encouraging, educating and supporting young women in reaching sustainable economic empowerment in Uganda together with Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation.

We have implemented activities for secondary school girls in Bulopa and primary school girls in Nababirye. The projects aim to reduce school dropout rates, educate adolescents in hygiene, gender violence and rights protection, as well as nurture their skills in entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.