Web Manuals set to double US clients in 2016


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Web Manuals set to double US clients in 2016

NBAA Convention, Orlando, FL, October 31, 2016: Recent US market entrant Web Manuals, developer of digital documentation solutions for the aviation industry, is celebrating a record year of sales growth in the Americas, with customer numbers set to have doubled to 20 by year-end.

Having opened its US office less than two years ago, Web Manuals today announced freight operator DHL Aero Expreso in Panama as its thirteenth customer in the Americas, which will use the Cloud-based Web Manuals application to simplify the management of its aviation manuals library.

DHL Aero Expreso joins US-based Web Manuals customers including PHI, one of the world’s leading helicopter services companies; business aviation operators ACI Jet, Altius Aviation, Jet Access Aviation and Hopscotch; the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC); Elite Flight Training; and the corporate flight departments of two Fortune 500 companies.

Web Manuals’ CEO and founder Martin Lidgard says: “It is very exciting for us to exhibit at NBAA this year with such clear American market acceptance of our technology. Although our customer organizations in the region now number thirteen, our users have actually risen from 200 to more than 1,700, thanks to the scale of some our latest wins.”

Web Manuals’ largest US installation to date is with PHI Air Medical, a leading provider of air medical services in the country, which has more than 700 office-based and remote Web Manuals users.

David Motzkin, president of PHI Air Medical, says: “Web Manuals has delivered a valuable and intuitive document management solution to PHI. With the streamlined approach to digitizing our entire document library, our employees now have immediate, easy access to any document or policy they may need.”

William Borgsmiller, ACI Jet’s president and chief executive officer, adds: “When your work includes corporate aircraft management, charter, maintenance and ground handling services, you are dealing with large volumes of complex documentation every day. Web Manuals makes our work so much easier and more efficient.”

Lidgard continues: “We are very proud to have attracted such a wonderful group of customers in the Americas and to help them achieve important benefits in time, administrative cost, regulatory compliance and flight safety. This has been a hugely exciting start for Web Manuals in the region, but we’re convinced this is just the beginning. We have revised our sales projections again for 2017 and now expect to keep growing our customer base at an exponential pace, as more organizations look for smart solutions to the ever-increasing challenges of regulatory compliance.”

About PHI Air Medical

PHI Air Medical is a leader in air medical transport, providing critical care and support for many of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations and in communities across the US. PHI Air Medical pilots have recorded nearly eleven million flight hours, in virtually every type of helicopter and terrain known. The Air Medical fleet consists of proven aircraft outfitted with medical interiors conducive to providing sustained emergent care for air medical transports and most PHI Air Medical programs operate at or above Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) standards. PHI Air Medical headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

About ACI Jet

Based in San Luis Obispo, California since 1998, ACI Jet is a global aviation company providing world-class corporate aircraft management, charter, maintenance, and ground support services. Recognized as a leader in service, safety, and flight support, ACI Jet is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing unparalleled private aviation experiences.