Web Manuals Amelia AI helps pilots make safe decisions swiftly, pioneering the introduction of AI for flight manuals


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Web Manuals Amelia AI helps pilots make safe decisions swiftly, pioneering the introduction of AI for flight manuals

Finding crucial information in flight manuals is now faster and more intuitive than ever with Web Manuals’ ground-breaking artificial intelligence-enhanced search, pioneering the use of AI for pilots’ manuals. The AI-powered search tool is the first feature of Web Manuals Amelia AI, launched today.

Designed with pilots and crew in mind, users can pose questions to Amelia to get descriptive answers from within their manuals, helping them quickly make safe and well-informed decisions while avoiding costly diversions and delays.

Ensuring on-time performance in flight operations is critical to the success of the business. Pilots frequently face the challenge of finding the relevant safety information within their large libraries of manuals, often under time pressure. Amelia can, for instance, help pilots understand if there are any applicable safety notices or bulletins that are relevant to the flight procedure that they are working on. The pilot gets a summarized response based on the manuals along with sources referencing relevant content from the documents.

Preview of the new search functionality of Web Manuals Amelia AI.

The system seamlessly integrates natural language processing that can speed up the research work to understand the cause of aircraft faults, assisting pilots when making airworthiness decisions in order to avoid delays and cancellations. It is possible for the pilot to continue the conversation with Amelia to further investigate the details and applicability of the responses.

Richard Sandström, Web Manuals CTO, says: “Web Manuals’ Amelia AI document search system not only revolutionizes information retrieval processes, but also underlines our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value and user satisfaction.”

“This first feature of Amelia makes navigating through large amounts of operational and company manuals much more manageable and time efficient, with data retrieval within seconds.”

Richard Sandström, Web Manuals CTO.

“This is the first in a series of AI integrations being introduced to our worldwide customer base over the coming months, thanks to our recent acquisition of AI-based search technology firm ManualAI Sweden AB and the hard work and dedication of our software development team.”

Backed by robust security measures, Amelia conducts searches solely within the documentation available to the user, generating personalised results to meet the specific needs of individual pilots and other readers, with no external public data accessed. This also ensures accuracy as there is no risk of pulling data from documentation irrelevant to the user’s role. All responses from Amelia are always complemented by relevant references to the manuals to ensure that users can easily validate the summarized search results.

Web Manuals Amelia AI will be released in the Web Manuals Core 2024.3 update, with further features to be announced in 2024.