Web Manuals 5 year anniversary!


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Web Manuals 5 year anniversary!

The journey began in 2002 when the state-of-the-art technology behind the Web Manuals application began its development. However, it was not until 2007 we moved into the aviation industry and then it still was only a side track of the business of the previous company Tibet Server. Actually it was not until one of our very first clients pointed out that the editing part of the manuals also was an interesting field to explore, that the idea of Web Manuals came to life.

In 2012 the vision had become reality and Web Manuals was now on the runway and ready to take off as an independent company. With a team of only six people we still managed to get off the ground and take off to the skies.

Unfortunately, we came off to a rocky start losing three out of eight clients to the financial crisis and the Icelandic ash cloud. Nevertheless, we managed to stay airborne. As a matter of fact, we set course to the Middle East where we hoped we could find some more fuel for our journey. However, during our flight there, the European industry came back to life and called us back home to help them get their manuals in order.

Back in Europe we were getting our revenge on Eyjafjallajökull by winning Icelandair as a client in 2014. This was our by far biggest client at the time and now we were ready to take over Iceland, the island in the cold Atlantic with a fleet of aircraft almost the size of its population. With them many others Vikings followed and with our new compliance library feature, all of a sudden Web Manuals had become a “dangerous” player according to our competitors.

However, the need for adventure was still in our hearts and we had to test our wings again. This time the destination was the USA! We crossed the pond and landed our first five clients shortly after exhibiting in Orlando the first time – inspiring the dream to make it big in America!

When another five US operators joined the Web Manuals family, we felt like we needed our own captain in the US.  This was when Krister Genmark took over the controls in sunny San Diego and opened our second office in April 2016 as Regional Manager Americas.

At the same time, the size of the Web Manuals team started to grow and in only about 6 months the Web Manuals operation was doubling from 8 to 16 crew members. With our mandatory boot camp training and the dreaded final exam, all new crew members graduated as pro Web Manuals pilots with a clear vision of the destinations ahead. With this training we are also confident that they all will carry all Web Manuals clients safely to their destinations.

Now after 5 years we are we are proud of what we have accomplished and what we have become. “It has been a journey towards this moment, our 5-year anniversary. It has gone by very fast and it does not seem to slow down. It has been an amazing journey and it will only be more fun in the future”. – Martin Lidgard, CEO of Web Manuals.