The Ronald McDonald House

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The Ronald McDonald House

Yesterday, our team members Sigrid, Jasmine, Sofia and Mikael had the pleasure of visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Lund, Sweden to help out with some daily chores. 

The Ronald McDonald House in Lund, Sweden, hosts families with children in need specialist care from all over Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The house is located in the the Lund University Hospital area, a short walk from the Children’s and Youth Hospital which gives the families the opportunity to keep the family together during the treatments.

The house is designed to give the families a home-like environment where they can cook, wash and relax in a home-like and safe environment and gather strength between the tough treatments at the hospital. This is equally as important for the parents as for the children. Furthermore, meeting families that are facing similar situation and sharing experiences can sometimes also be a big help for these families.

The Ronald McDonald House in Lund is owned and operated by a non-profit foundation and has a board of representatives from the hospital, the Parents Association of the Heart Association and McDonald’s. This provides the families with accommodation free of charge as long as their child is enrolled in the care department. Also, the daily business in the House is run thanks to people’s consideration and willingness to do a good deed. Everyone can help, whether it is with things, work or money. And the great thing is that many do and of course we wanted to be a part of this!

This activity was part of our 1-2-3 Forward Project by the Web Manuals Foundation set up to help charities do well and to give back to the community. In short, 1% of all Web Manuals employees’ time is used for charitable causes with equals 2 working days for each employee per year! And the bigger team we become, the more we can help!

For more information about the Ronald McDonald house please visit the local website at or international page at