Supporting Flight Schools and ATOs with free licenses

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Supporting Flight Schools and ATOs with free licenses

The aviation industry hasn’t been immune to the impacts caused by the pandemic. Companies, operators, and training schools have had to rethink their business to align with the new situation. 

It’s clear that the adaptations of organizations must not only respond to the current situation but must also be sustainable in the long run.

In particular, the schools that are in charge of training future pilots and air operators have had a significant burden to adjust to ongoing conditions and at the same time deliver for the demand of qualified professionals.

We sponsor high-quality training

Web Manuals understands the meaningful impact of its work and values the effort to train skilled pilots with digital capabilities that improve and strengthen the industry in what lies ahead.

Web Manuals decided to provide free reading licenses for Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) and flight schools to support the industry’s growth and collaborate in training the next generation of pilots.

“We want to support the aviation industry, and the perfect way for us to do this is to provide the system heavily subsidized for all the training organizations. A benefit for those carrying the weight of training pilots to keep certificates or recently trained pilots that will be part of the next generation of pilots”, said Paul Sandström, COO at Web Manuals.

Thereby, we sponsor schools with top technological tools to ease their operations and provide students with an education that responds to the operational and vocational challenges of the future. Using our document management system, the students get modern and up-to-date training.

Enhanced learning experience

As explained by Paul, “It also provides the instructors the ability to quickly provide access and control for their students to ensure the safest flight possible. So this investment in new pilots will springboard the industry past the current crisis when the situation allows.”

Providing them with the best tools in aviation documentation prepares the trainees in the best way possible for their career, as well as supports flight schools regardless of their financial situation. We’re collaborating to build the most prepared and safest future for aviation.

Contributing to the students’ needs

By offering technological tools that meet the expectations of the new generations, we are collaborating to provide training foreseeing the future. Likewise, we encourage the future pilots’ capabilities to supply the demand aiming for digitalized and modern aviation.

Furthermore, Web Manuals provides additional certificates to students in an effort to elevate their CVs and resumes to a higher level. The complete training in our document management software helps them to excel in their core tasks employing technology. Read more about what kind of training and certificates we offer in The Web Manuals Academy.