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We are launching a collaborative task-allocation tool to make it easier to coordinate the editing of aviation manuals across an organisation.

The new capability is a key feature of Web Manuals 6.1 ‘Super Gripen’, the latest update to our document digitization application, which makes the rapid authoring, reviewing, publishing, distribution and control of an entire manuals library a seamless operation.

Our technology is widely used by regional and charter airlines, general aviation operators and other aviation businesses to save time and administrative costs while improving regulatory compliance and flight safety.

Martin Lidgard, founder and CEO of Web Manuals, says: “Even for small-to-midsize operators, the editing of aviation manuals can call for colleagues across a business to share drafting and editing responsibilities. With its new task-allocation tool, Web Manuals Super Gripen makes it much easier to retain visibility and control over who is responsible for particular sections, so that compliance can be achieved effectively and efficiently.”

Other new features in Web Manuals Super Gripen include a powerful new search engine, a diagram editor to permit the creation of process and organizational charts, a new PDF engine and enhanced tools for managing advanced tables. In addition, users of Web Manuals’ Reader interface are able to contribute change requests that become added to the editing task flow.

The new system also features enhanced indicators and alerts for the in-built Web Manuals Compliance Libraries. These reference resources automatically compare a company’s manuals library to third-party regulations and standards, including those of EASA, FAA, IATA, ARGUS and IBAC. The system alerts users when sections of their documentation require amending to maintain compliance with changes in regulations and standards.

Web Manuals 6.1 Super Gripen is being immediately rolled out to existing and new customers. For further information, visit Web Manuals at

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