Skyside becomes first customer of Web Manuals Amelia AI


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Skyside becomes first customer of Web Manuals Amelia AI

Published by: Business Air News

Vienna-based aircraft management and charter company, Skyside GmbH becomes the first customer to integrate Web Manuals Amelia AI, the revolutionary AI-search function for safety and compliance management.

Jonas Conrad, EFB-Admin at Skyside GmbH, says: “Web Manuals has consistently provided us with effective digital documentation solutions since 2020. Committed to being at the forefront of technology, we are excited about their latest AI-search function, Amelia.

“Managing a vast array of safety, operational, and compliance documents can be challenging. With Amelia, we anticipate a significant enhancement in our ability to quickly find crucial information. By leveraging Amelia’s innovative AI capabilities, we expect to reduce our workload and streamline document management processes. This will not only boost our efficiency but also allow us to focus more on critical tasks, ensuring safety remains our top priority. Web Manuals Amelia AI is set to revolutionize our operations, enabling us to perform our duties more effectively and stay ahead with new technological advancements.”

Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals, says: “The Skyside team has long supported Web Manuals and we are pleased to deliver our game changing technology, Amelia, to our longstanding partners. This signing marks a significant step in our growth trajectory. We look forward to making safety and compliance simple for a growing number of aviation organizations through our advanced AI solution.”

Web Manuals Amelia AI was released in the Web Manuals Core 2024.3 update, launched in April 2024.