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Want to stay up to date with the Product team and know how we are rounding off the year? This is where it happens! Read on to see what has been done and what we are currently working on.

Winter is upon us, and the holidays are drawing near. We have had our last release of the year, and are now proceeding with our Winter sprint which spans over the rest of December and into the middle of January. 

We are focusing on Image repository, AI prototyping, Reader App version 1.2, Tags system as well as Numbered tables and figures functionality.

We were very happy to have released version 1.1.1 for the Reader app, to improve the internal release handling we are adding the app for Apple Business Manager. 

What has been done?

This quarter has been focused on building Image repository, a few prototypes including AI integration, Improvements to the Compliance Library as well as Improving the Reader App.

The highlights this quarter has been: 

  • More intuitive Email Archive sorting
  • Compliance libraries can now be hidden from users
  • Splitting lists comes with a better result, continuing the list in the new text section
  • Compliance libraries no longer jump after connections are made
  • Compliance libraries no longer jump after tabs are switched
  • CC option for form notifications
  • Text sections added or moved will no longer cause full revision bars to appear
  • New API option to export Checklists 
  • All tasks option now shows all tasks
  • Splitting tables works a lot better
  • Reader comments can once again be removed

As always I urge you to visit our help center and watch the release notes and release videos on our YouTube channel to stay up to date.

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