Product Corner – 2022 Q3


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Product Corner – 2022 Q3

During Q3 the development team has focused on the Summer sprint solving a large amount on the improvement suggestions we collected during the World Tour. We have implemented the last functionalities to be able to release the EFB app in Open Beta.

We are very proud that we also released the new UI, and to see so many picking it up easily. We included an extremely large amount of improvements, fixes and performance upgrades into the version.  

We strongly suggest that everyone try the new UIs menu by switching to it from the admin view. Click the user settings button in the bottom left corner, and choose “use new menu”. Also remember to see the webinars we have produced on the release. Both the one on the new UI and the release notes webinar, they are intended to give you a much better insight into the changes we have implemented.

Please remember to read our monthly product updates in the new Help Center.

What’s coming next?

During Q4 our focus will be on:

  • Solving any issues that we may have missed in the UI release
  • Releasing the long awaited announcement system
  • EFB 8.0 release polish
  • Diagram editor
  • Word Import improvements 
  • Improved HTML import

If you discover any issues or come up with great improvements, please let us know, so that we can take it into consideration for implementation.