Meet our New Employees

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Meet our New Employees

Meet our new talented employees strengthening our product and services:

Eleftherios Foukakis – IT Coordinator

I was born and raised in Greece. At an early age I joined special forces in the Greek Armed Forces and later transitioned to Coast Guard, but I always had a profound interest in various technologies.

I am naturally an extremely curious person who embraces every opportunity to learn and enjoys exploring boundaries. At Web Manuals I have the opportunity to work with great and ambitious people, on a variety of technologies, for an important purpose, making Web Manuals the perfect professional environment to be in!

Besides my professional life and the related interest in technology, I hold a zealous and profound interest in nature as a whole, natural sciences and doggies!!

Angel Marie – Customer Support Representative

I was born in Cebu, Philippines, and migrated to Singapore at the age of 3. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Events from Murdoch University, I bring with me five years of experience in the marketing industry. However, I’ve recently made an exciting shift to explore the technology and aviation sector with Web Manuals.

Outside of my professional life, I am passionate about the environment and strive to minimise my carbon footprint wherever I can. I love how it aligns perfectly with joining Web Manuals as we’re reducing paper waste through digitising manuals. In my leisure time, you can often find me at the beach, at a dance class, at music festivals, or just dressing up for no special occasion.

Abigail Nash – Customer Support Representative

Over the past decade I have served in a variety of roles in the Outdoor Industry, specifically in customer service, marketing, sales enablement, and management. I find fullfillment in leveraging my skills in creative problem solving and communications to help customers, employees and teams achieve their goals.

In 2021, I took a short front end development course to grow my skill set, which piqued my interest in pursuing a career in tech. I am thankful to have landed at Web Manuals; a company that so clearly demonstrates it investment in its customers and employees alike.

Originally from the East Coast of the United States, I am happy to be living in sunny San Diego. Outside of work, my hobbies include rock climbing, cycling, hiking, learning how to surf, and pretty much any human powered activity. I also love travel, cooking and spending time with my adventure pup, Freckles.

Arina Bahmany – Executive Assistant