How to do a Quiz Checkout

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How to do a Quiz Checkout

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Forgotten feature – Quiz check out 

In Web Manuals, readers can check-out documents in three ways:

  1. When opened
  2. On active accept
  3. Quiz

One of these options can be selected for each document under Settings > General Settings of the document. 

If you select the Quiz option, the document will be checked-out (meaning perceived as read by the system) only once the reader has successfully completed the quiz. If the Quiz option is selected, under the document’s User Performance you will be able to see the quiz results for each user. 

A quiz can be added to the document by inserting the Quiz Checkout Module on the page. In the settings of the Quiz Module, you will need to select if the quiz should allow single or multiple choice and specify the percentage needed in order to pass the quiz.

You should then add a new question and add some answers, among which you should select the one(s) that are correct. You should repeat this until you have covered all questions you would like to ask but note that the module cannot span over multiple pages. Finally, click on OK. The reader will be able to answer and submit the quiz both from browser and app versions of Web Manuals.