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Web Manuals Sweden AB, developers of operational knowledge management solutions for the aviation industry, is delighted to announce that Gama Aviation‘s Middle East division has contracted to adopt the Web Manuals application and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app for iPad. Web Manuals will be used improve Gama Aviation’s control of its documentation, legal compliance and operational agility.

Flight Crew at Gama Aviation will have instant cockpit access to all relevant manuals and other documents.

Gama Aviation is a global business aviation services organisation, founded in 1983 in the UK, with operating approvals in Europe, North America and the Middle East supporting its fleet of over 80 business jets. Gama Aviation chose Web Manuals in order to streamline its knowledge management whilst maintaining the highest compliance standards. In addition, by opting for a paperless solution, Gama will realise both environmental and cost-saving benefits.

Martin Lidgard, CEO of Web Manuals Sweden AB, commented: “This is an important step forward for Web Manuals as Gama Aviation is one of the few business jet operators with a significant position in the Middle East – one of our strategic export markets”.

Dave Edwards, Managing Director, Middle East and Asia of Gama Aviation, commented: “Paperwork is a double edged sword for business aviation companies to manage with every year that goes by.  As we introduce improved and evolving systems, whether it’s on safety management or on customer service, the volume of information we carry on board increases.  We have been looking for a way of streamlining this process in our Middle East operation to improve the access to information for our crew which benefits our aircraft owners and the regulatory authorities we work with.  After a great deal of work, we selected Web Manuals as they understand our business and respond quickly – but the best part is it’s just a really simple and straightforward system to use”.

This shows an important step for Web Manuals as they continue to gain ground in the business jet market with operators in Qatar, South Africa and now UAE.