Digital Aviation Manuals and Compliance Software Demo Webinar

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Digital Aviation Manuals and Compliance Software Demo Webinar

Using demos of the digital solution, Web Manuals experts will show you how the solution provides the tools required to stay compliant in the constantly changing environment of the aviation industry with a guide on how to structure your documentation and manuals to sustain an efficient and controlled compliance process. Also how to be ready to respond to any new regulatory requirements using: automated compliance linking and libraries within your manuals, efficient authoring and reviewing processes, reliable distribution and control to flight crew and engineers, and more…

The Webinar is divided into three key parts:

  • The challenges and needs in Aviation Compliance

    In the tightly regulated world of aviation, the importance of compliance is well understood and respected – even if that respect is sometimes ‘grudging’, given the paperwork and man-hours traditionally involved. Safety is paramount and satisfying the regulators is an unquestioned ‘cost of doing business’. The Webinar begins with a discussion about the challenges in Aviation Compliance and the needs and processes required to maintain compliance in the constantly changing environment of the Aviation Industry.
  • Demo 1: Web Manuals Authoring and Reviewing Solution, inc: Compliance Linking and Libraries
    Next Web Manuals experts will show you a demo of the key features of the digital manuals solutions including how to rapidly and reliably update your manuals to reflect new regulations, plus best practices on how to work efficiently with your compliance process. The demo will show how compliance linking and automatically updated compliance libraries solve the needs for staying compliant. You will see how to structure your documentation and manuals to sustain an efficient and controlled compliance process and how to be ready to respond to, and comply with, any new regulatory requirements.

    Key features you will see include:

    – Regulatory monitoring
    – Smart modules
    – The Web Manuals Lifecycle
    – Compliance Linking
    – The Web Manuals Compliance Libraries
    – Structured Authoring and Reviewing

  • Demo 2: Web Manuals Distribution Solution and Mobile AppFinally you will see a demo of the Web Manuals Reader and how this provides a reliable distribution and control solution for all documents and manuals. You will see how flight crew and engineers can easily and efficiently access the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the Mobile App. From a compliance perspective you will see how this process ensures the latest versions of your manuals are reliably distributed to your organization and how to confirm that all key staff have acknowledged receipt of the latest updates.

    Key features you will see include: 

    – The Web Manuals Reader
    – Targeted Distribution
    – User Performance
    – Active checkout options

Webinar Agenda:

  • The Challenges in Aviation Compliance today
  • The needs for staying compliant
  • An introduction to Web Manuals
  • Demo on best practices on staying compliant:
    – Efficient Authoring and Reviewing process
    – Compliance linking within your documents
    – Automatically updated Compliance Libraries
    – Reliable distribution and Control
  • Questions and Answers

Please register for the webinar and time by clicking the link below:

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