Catch up with our product developments in Q2

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Catch up with our product developments in Q2

During Q2 the development team has focused on solving urgent issues for users, as well as finalizing the PDF generator, releasing the EFB closed beta, and putting the finishing touches on the new UI. 

Please remember to read our monthly product updates under “Help Center” and “What’s New”.

Coming up in the summer sprint

Following the heat of the sun, our development team has started this year’s summer sprint. This sprint will run until the end of August, and leaves our developers with more time to focus on bigger and sometimes more challenging things. In the summersprint we will amongst other things focus on implementing a lot of the great feedback we have received from the World Tour.

We are excited to inform you that in August we will be releasing our new UI version. A version that brings a host of changes to the system. Many quality of life changes we have been requested to implement and some larger more impactful changes like updating modules and cross references in bulk with a few clicks. 

We have a webinar ready for release during August to ensure that everyone has a chance to familiarize themselves with the new version before we release it. In case you would still prefer the old menu version after release, you will be able to switch between views seamlessly. 

During Q3 our focus will be on:

  • Implementing minor quality of life improvements
  • Releasing the long awaited announcement system
  • EFB 8.0 Open Beta
  • Diagram editor
  • Word Import improvements 

If you discover any issues or come up with great improvements, please let us know, so that we can take it into consideration for implementation.