Building a global community of change makers

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Building a global community of change makers

Next week, our annual user group conference GO DIGITAL US will be taking place at the stunning Ultimate Skybox at Diamond View Tower in San Diego. The focus for this year’s event is growing the global digitization community by connecting and empowering change-makers in the aviation industry – something we feel passionately about.

GO DIGITAL US will explore how by taking advantage of advancing technology and digital enhancement, we can affect positive change in the industry, improving safety, prioritizing agility and staying in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with industry colleagues, further their understanding of the Web Manuals system, and shape the future development of our digitization tool.

Amongst the guest speakers this year are Neil Rose, Director of Commercial and Operations at VICTOR, who will be discussing fractional ownership; Bennet Walsh, IS-BAO Program Director for International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) who will be tackling how to manage change; Jesper Øllgaard, Consultant at International Flight Support (IFS) who will be exploring how the electronic flight bag changed the way we access information; John Illson, Head of Aviation Safety – Elevate at UBER will be talking about drones and the future of the aviation industry; and Jad Donaldson, Director of Aviation, and Maria A. Jeanmaire, Chief Pilot at Harley-Davidson Motor Company will be discussing how Web Manuals changed the game.

Our very own CEO, Martin Lidgard, will be sharing how Web Manuals works with its partners to become game-changers in the industry.

For more information on GO DIGITAL US, 29 April-1 May please contact Sanna Yekta at