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Bluebird Cargo

Web Manuals AB is celebrating the win of Bluebird Cargo, a Reykjavik-based cargo charter operation. Bluebird Cargo is now the sixth Icelandic company to sign with Web Manuals, a fact this is not lost on Web Manuals Customer Success Manager Paul Sandström, “In a smaller country when one company implements our product, the rest find out through word-of-mouth rather quickly. This has absolutely been the case in Iceland, although all of them have presented us with unique challenges. Bluebird had an extremely tight deadline, targeting only four weeks from initial demo to a live site. That was a huge challenge, but one Web Manuals able to achieve.”

Hjördís Ólafsdóttir, Supervisor Operations Quality Control for Bluebird Cargo spoke about the motivation behind choosing Web Manuals, “Bluebird Cargo was looking for a user-friendly system to be implemented in our EFB environment. Web Manuals is user-friendly and easily accessible both offline and online.”

Ólafsdóttir also discussed the Web Manuals compliance library tool as a solution to a difficult problem “Maintaining manuals in compliance with regulations by using Web Manuals compliance library is easy. With constant changes in today’s aviation, the need to stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements has never been more important. Web Manuals allows us to maintain up to date documentation and gives us an efficient and effective way to communicate the changes to our team all over the world”.

About Web Manuals

Web Manuals specialises in the development of document management solutions for the aviation industry, including digitizing of manuals to simplify and control publication, revision, and distribution. The Web Manuals Compliance Library enables compliance automation by allowing controlled cross-referencing of company procedures to individual EASA and FAA regulations, as well as IBAC standards. Web Manuals is currently used by more than 65 business jet operators, charter and wet-lease operators, airlines, maintenance organisations, and helicopter operators in Europe, North America, Africa, and the Middle East.

About Bluebird Cargo

Bluebird Cargo offers charter services, both ad-hoc and contract charters, as well as ACMI leases. On certain routes, in particular to and from Iceland, Bluebird Cargo offers airfreight services on common carriage basis. Bluebird Cargo operates a fleet of six aircraft, all full freighters; four B737-300F and two B737-400F. More information can be found on their website