Web Manuals Store Partners with ASQS: Australian and Canadian Compliance Libraries

Web Manuals Partners with ASQS for Australian and Compliance Libraries

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Web Manuals Store Partners with ASQS: Australian and Canadian Compliance Libraries

Under an existing agreement with web-based safety, quality and risk management solution ASQS, Web Manuals customers operating in Canada and Australia have access to relevant regional digitized regulations.

Web Manuals Store partners with ASQS to continue its expansion into new territories with the addition of Australian and Canadian libraries. The regulations are packaged as compliance libraries and made available on a user’s Web Manuals platform, where customers can create controlled links to Transport Canada or the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The links also reflect in ASQS’ Intuitive Quality and Safety Management System (IQSMS), allowing for significant time savings during the auditing process.

Krister Genmark, Director of Operations Americas at Web Manuals, says: “We continue to work hard to build our community and expand Web Manuals globally, supporting the customers we have in 58 countries. The addition of our Australian and Canadian libraries provides aviation businesses at both sides of the globe access to regional digital documentation that makes staying compliant much simpler and improves safety.”

Günther Schindl, ASQS MD, adds: “Today ASQS supports more than 200 aviation organisations globally through IQSMS, which, integrated with Web Manuals, saves customers valuable time and makes the regulation amendment tracking process far simpler. We’re pleased that through this partnership, even more organisations, particularly those operating in Canada and Australia, can benefit from our service.”

Access the article in Business Air News: https://www.businessairnews.com/mag_story.html?ident=21465