Web Manuals Receives DI Gasell Award Fourth Year in a Row


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Web Manuals Receives DI Gasell Award Fourth Year in a Row

Since 2000, Dagens Industri rewards the fastest growing and most profitable companies in Sweden every year with the DI Gasell title. A Gasell company creates job opportunities, drives growth for Sweden, and inspires others to follow in their footsteps. Accordingly, the purpose of the reward is to encourage Swedish entrepreneurs to continue to grow and inspire Swedish business development.

This year, Web Manuals celebrates being DI Gasells for the fourth year in a row. With tremendous growth in size and a recent product launch, we recognize the following:

“Some simple insights take a long time to gain: a great company is only the sum total of great individuals. This distinction for the fourth consecutive Di Gasell goes to my amazing team!”

– Martin Lidgard, CEO and Founder Web Manuals

We are proud to carry the title and to be an integral part of Swedish business development. We continue to lead with enthusiasm and responsibility.

Unfortunately, because of the current pandemic, we were not able to attend an award show this year. Fortunately, we created our own Corona-friendly celebrations (see video below).

Web Manuals DI Gasell Celebrations 2020

DI Gasell and Web Manuals Background

The term Gasell was founded by the American scientist David Birch in the 1980s, indicating a small fast-growing company. Birch’s research showed that these companies create the most job opportunities contrary to the economy’s giants that constantly have to streamline and therefore often reduce employment.

In fact, DI Gasell celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The organization expressed, “we see it as our task to pay tribute and highlight these heroes around the country and do it by giving in eight places a gala night in their honor”, highlighting the importance of their work.

In 2017, we promised to work hard to grow and inspire others. Our founders, Martin Lidgard and Richard Sandström were present to receive the award (see picture below).

DI Gasell 2017
Web Manuals Founders Martin Lidgard and Richard Sandström at DI Gasell 2017

Next, a year later, we had seven employees present to enjoy the festivities to continue to celebrate our growth.

Then, after receiving the DI Gasell award for the third consecutive year in a row, we were proud to be able to call ourselves Master Gasells. At that point in time, we highlighted the importance of our customers’ support and engagement for our business and product development.

On the whole, we will continue to create job opportunities, drive growth for Sweden, and inspire others for years to come as part of our DI Gasell legacy.