Berry Aviation and Zimex Aviation: Web Manuals for Special Air Operators

Berry Aviation & Zimex Aviation: Web Manuals Case Study

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Berry Aviation and Zimex Aviation: Web Manuals for Special Air Operators

“I’d never want to go back to the system we had before. I can’t imagine what it would be like.”

– Zimex Aviation, Switzerland

Web Manuals is proud to cater the product to fit a wide array of operators. Specifically, we find supporting ‘special operations’ customers, such as Berry Aviation and Zimex, challenging but ultimately, very rewarding. Due to their extremely specific needs, they help push the product to places it might not normally reach. In the end makes the product more stable, more intuitive, and more flexible. Because of this, Web Manuals always tries to push the envelope to meet our most-extreme customers’ needs. We’ve increased provision for specialist air operators with our latest platform upgrade, along with recently welcoming in new specialist customer Berry Aviation.

Berry Aviation

Texas-based Berry Aviation runs diverse projects and expeditionary airline operations to remote locations across the globe, from North America and the Middle East, to Africa and the Pacific, often at very short notice. 

Stanley Finch, VP Technical Operations, Berry Aviation says: “Web Manuals greatly reduces the administrative overheads associated with manual and procedures revisions. Our crews are often based in remote and sometimes austere locations. As soon as they have internet access they can see any changes that have been made to operational manuals or procedures since they last synchronized with the Web Manuals app.”

Berry Aviation and Zimex Aviation use Web Manuals EFB App for offline access to documents
Web Manuals Reader App is compatible with EFB Class 1 & 2

Zimex Aviation

Alongside Berry Aviation, Web Manuals supports a number of European specialist operators through its digital platforms, including long-time customer Swiss-based Zimex Aviation, which manages special missions for international humanitarian organizations and major petroleum companies.

Daniel Fahrni, Nominated Person Flight Operations, Zimex Aviation, says: “Regulatory authorities, clients, and we ourselves require that operational manuals are up-to-date, regardless of our geographic spread. In the past we used to physically courier manual updates to our various projects, which are spread across the world in areas as remote as South Sudan and Papua New Guinea. Now, once we click ‘publish’, it is done. All crews have to do is connect their iPads to the internet and download any amendments.”

Specialist Air Operators’ Functionality

Functionality for specialist air operators has been greatly enhanced through Critical Document designation, which pushes the most important documents and updates to the Web Manuals app on both iPad and Windows tablets, when users have Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Only changes to documents will be downloaded, so very little data is required – ideal for operators in remote locations with limited internet access. This, along with the rapid authoring and distribution allow headquarters to communicate urgent operational changes to flight crews, at extremely short notice.

Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals, says: “We take great pride in supporting our customers to undertake an immense variety of special missions. The beauty of digital documentation is that manuals can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. Through our Critical Document designation, only changes in manuals will be pushed through to end users, so updates and amendments are made incredibly fast and require very little data to access.”