Empowering AirExplore’s Documentation Journey with Web Manuals


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Empowering AirExplore’s Documentation Journey with Web Manuals

AirExplore, a dynamic ACMI and charter company headquartered in Slovakia, is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellent services and high-quality performance. With a fleet of 14 aircraft under its wing, AirExplore proudly serves some of Europe’s most prestigious airlines. As they continue to expand their footprint in the aviation industry, the need for a robust Document Management System supporting their air documentation and aircraft manuals has become paramount.

Recognizing the critical role of streamlined documentation in ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with aviation regulations, AirExplore embarked on a transformative journey in April 2023. They partnered with Web Manuals to modernize and optimize their documentation processes, reinforcing their commitment to aviation regulatory compliance and EASA compliance, among other standards.

Sabina Vrbenska, the Documentation Department Manager at AirExplore, has spearheaded the development and maintenance of precise, up-to-date documentation that adheres to rigorous safety and quality standards. Her dedication and expertise have been instrumental in shaping AirExplore’s documentation strategy, reinforcing their commitment to excellence in every facet of their operations.

Efficiency Boost through Automated Features

Sabina’s transition to her role in documentation was no small feat. “The onboarding and implementation process of Web Manuals was quite challenging because it’s a new working position for me,” Sabina admits. However, with the support of Web Manuals’ team, she found herself learning and growing every day. “WM supported and the team members were really helpful,” she adds.


One of the standout benefits for AirExplore has been the automation features of Web Manuals. “All the features that are done automatically save us a lot of time because we were doing it manually,” Sabina notes. Tasks like updating the List of Effective Pages used to be manual endeavors. Now, with Web Manuals, these tasks are automated. “Before, we had to put it ourselves into the document; now, you just change something, and Web Manuals does it for you. So it is really a time saver,” she exclaims.

Responsive and Reliable Support

The positive experience extends beyond the software itself to the support provided by Web Manuals. Sabina praises the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team. “Every time I contacted them, they responded promptly; they were really helpful,” she shares. Even when faced with challenges, the support team didn’t hesitate to assist. “Even if there was no solution at the time, they always started a new ticket and kept me updated about the process of my request.”

Sabina also appreciates the collaborative approach that Web Manuals takes. “It’s great that you are open and willing to work with us,” she says. When AirExplore first partnered with Web Manuals, Sabina’s predecessor had numerous requests regarding the company’s documentation needs. “My colleague who worked in this position before me had a lot of requests about our needs as a company, especially how we would like the documents to look,” Sabina recalls. “I know that she got nothing but great support and help from your side.”

AirExplore’s experience with Web Manuals has been transformative. From saving valuable time with automation to receiving exceptional support and collaboration, Web Manuals has become an integral part of their documentation journey. As Sabina puts it, “It’s great learning every day something new.” With partners like Web Manuals by their side, AirExplore is well-equipped to soar to new heights in the aviation industry.