Case study: Safety is first at ACI JET

Case study: Safety is first at ACI JET

"Discover how ACI JET leverages Web Manuals to enhance safety and ensure continuous compliance. This video showcases the ease and efficiency our solution brings to aviation document management.

Xavier Chen,

Web Manuals

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Description of this video

In this video, representatives from ACI JET, a private business jet company, discuss the transformative impact of Web Manuals on their operations. They highlight how the document management system has simplified the creation, updating, and distribution of their manuals, ensuring continuous compliance and safety. ACI JET emphasizes the time savings and ease of use that Web Manuals brings to their aviation document management.

Highlights in this video

Continuous Compliance and Safety

ACI JET underscores the importance of safety in aviation and how Web Manuals' Compliance Library ensures that their manuals are always up-to-date with regulations, maintaining continuous compliance.

Time-Efficient Editing and Distribution

The video highlights the significant time savings achieved by using Web Manuals. ACI JET appreciates the ease of editing and distributing controlled documents, which has reduced manual administrative tasks to a fraction of the original time.

Streamlined Aviation Document Management

ACI JET discusses how Web Manuals has become an indispensable tool, transforming their document management processes and allowing them to focus on core aspects of aviation such as safety and efficiency.

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