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Compliance Libraries

Smart and Digital Compliance Monitoring for Aviation

“Web Manuals is a powerful platform, it’s generally easy to work with and in the end its going to save us a lot of time keeping track of the manual updates as well as the Compliance Libraries updates. The whole document management process is very efficient!”

– Erwin Vanden Broeck, Head of Training at Ostend Air Collage

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Compliance Monitoring

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Compliance Monitoring for Aviation

How Does Compliance Monitoring Work?

Let us show you how it is done in three simple steps. 

Step 1

Connect a requirement to a chapter or heading in your manual

With just a few clicks, connect regulatory requirements to your manuals from the compliance libraries you subscribe to.  Select which header the regulation connect to and it will be displayed in the manual under the chosen heading.

Step 2

Get notified when the regulations change

Once regulations are connected, the system warns you of any irregularities. For example, if a connected chapter has been edited or the regulations needs to be updated.  

Step 3

Know exactly where you need to amend your manuals

When the changed regulations has been updated, the system  highlights the word-by-word impact and shows where in the manual amendments need to be made. 

Compliance Library 

Included sub-parts

Additional material included (AMC/GM)

AMC splitting

EASA Air Operations

Part-ARO: Authority Requirements for Air Operations 

Part-DEF: Definitions 

GMs ✔


Part-CAT: Commercial Air Transport Operations

Part-NCC: Non-Commercial Operations with Complex Motor.Powered Aircraft

Part-NCO: Non-Commercial Air Operations with Other-Than-Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

Part-ORO: Organisation Requirements for Air Operations

Part-SPA: Operations Requiring Specific Approvals

Part-SPO: Specialised Operations

CS-FTL.1: Certification Specifications for Commercial Air Transport by Aeroplane – Scheduled and Charter Operations

GMs ✔


EASA Aircrew

Cover Regulation – (EU) No 1178/2011



Part-ARA: Authority Requirements for Aircrew

AMCs ✔

Part-CC: Cabin Crew

AMCs ✔

Part-DEF: Definitions


Part-FCL: Flight crew Licensing

Part-MED: Medical

AMCs ✔

Part-ORA: Organisation Requirements Aircrew

Part-DTO: Declared Training Organisations

AMCs ✔

Commission Regulation (EU) No 2020/723



EASA Basic Regulation

Regulation (EU) 2018/1139



EASA Aerodromes 


AMCs ✔


AMCs ✔


AMCs ✔






CS-FSTD(A): Certification Specifications for Aeroplane Flight Simulation Training Devices

AMCs ✔


CS-FSTD(H): Certification Specifications for Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Devices

AMCs ✔


Part-ACAS: Airspace Usage Requirements

AMCs ✔


Part-ATM/ANS.AR: Requirements for Competent Authorities-Oversight of Services and Other ATM Network Functions

AMCs ✔

Part-ATM/ANS.OR: Common Requirements for Service Providers 

AMCs ✔

Part-ATS: Specific Requirements for Providers of AIr Traffic Services

AMCs ✔

Part-CNS: Specific Requirements for Providers of Communication, Navigation, or Surveillance Services 

AMCs ✔

Part-DEF: Definitions for Parts ATM/ANS.AR, ATM/ANS.OR, ATS, CNS and PERS


Part-PERS: Requirements for Service Providers Concerning Personnel Training and Competence Assessment

AMCs ✔


AMCs ✔


Part-CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

Part-CAO: Continuing Airworthiness Organisations

AMCs ✔

Part-M:Continuing Airworthiness


AMCs ✔


Part-SERA: Standardised European Rules of the Air

AMCs ✔


Part-T: Aircraft Registered in a Third Country

AMCs ✔


Part-TCO: Third Country Operators

AMCs ✔

Part-ART: Authority requirements Regarding the Authorisation of Third Country Operators


EASA Part-21

Part-21: Airworthiness and Environmental Certification

AMCs ✔

EASA Part-26

Part-26: Additional airworthiness specifications for operations


CS-26: Certification Specifications for Additional airworthiness specifications for operations


EASA Part-66


AMCs ✔

EASA Part-145


EASA Part-147


AMCs ✔

EASA Information Security

Part-IS.D.OR: Information Security-Organisation Requirements (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/1645)

Part-IS.AR: Information Security-Authority Requirements

Part-IS.I.OR: Information security-Organisation Requirements


UAS-Part 1: Requirements for a class C0 Unmanned aircraft system – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 2: Requirements for a class C1 Unmanned aircraft system – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 3: Requirements for a class C2 Unmanned aircraft system – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 4: Requirements for a class C3 Unmanned aircraft system – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 5: Requirements for a class C4 Unmanned aircraft system – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 6: Requirements for a direct remote identification add-on – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 7: Conformity assessment Module A – internal production control – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 8: Conformity assessment Modules B and C – EU-type examination and conformity to type based on internal production control – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 9: Conformity assessment Module H – Conformity based on full quality-assurance – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 10: Contents of the technical documentation – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 11: EU declaration of conformity – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 12: Simplified EU declaration of conformity – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 13: Noise test code – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 14: Indication of the guaranteed sound power level – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 15: Maximum sound power level per class of UA (including transition periods) – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 16: Requirements for a class C5 unmanned aircraft system and CS accessories – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part 17: Requirements for a class C6 unmanned aircraft system – (EU) No 2019/945


UAS-Part A: UAS Operations in the “Open” category – (EU) No 2019/947


UAS-Part B: UAS Operations in the “Specific” category – (EU) No 2019/947


UAS-Part C: Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC) – (EU) No 2019/947


UAS-Appendix – (EU) No 2019/947


UAS – U-space: Regulatory framework for the U-space – (EU) No 2021/664



Compliance Library 

Included sub-parts

UK – Air Operations Regulation

Part-ARO: Authority Requirements for Air Operations

Part-CAT: Commercial Air Transport Operations

Part-NCC: Non-Commercial Air Operations with Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

Part-ORO: Organisation Requirements for Air Operations

Part-DEF: Definitions

Part-SPA: Specific Approvals

Part-NCO: Non-Commercial Air Operations with Other-Than-Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

Part-SPO: Specialised Operations

UK – Aircrew Regulation

UK Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011: Cover Regulation

Part-ARA: Authority Requirements for Aircrew

Part-CC: Cabin Crew

Part-DTO:  Requirements for Declared Training Organisations

Part-MED: Medical

Part-ORA: Organisation Requirements for Aircrew

Part-FCL: Flight Crew Licencing

UK – Continuing Airworthiness – Part T

Part-T: Aircraft registered in a third country

UK – Third Country Operators (TCO)

UK Regulation (EU) No 452/2014: Cover Regulation

Part-TCO: Third Country Operators

Part-ART: Authority Requirements

UK – Initial Airworthiness – Part 21

UK regulation (EU) No 748/2012: Cover Regulation

Part-21:  Airworthiness and Environmental Certification

UK – Continuing Airworthiness – Part M

UK regulation (EU) No 1321/2014: Cover Regulation

Part-M: Continuing Airworthiness

Part-CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

Part-CAO: Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Management of non-complex Part 21 aircraft, engines and fitted components

Part-ML: Airworthiness requirements for ‘Light Aircraft’

UK – Continuing Airworthiness – Part 66 

Part-66: Aircraft Maintenance Licence

UK – Continuing Airworthiness – Part 145

Part-145: Maintenance Organization Approvals

UK -Continuing Airworthiness – Part 147

Part-147: Approval to conduct training and examination


Compliance Library


Included sub-parts

FAA-Part 5


Part-5:Safety Management Systems

FAA-Part 21


Part-21:Certification Procedures for Products and Articles

FAA-Part 43


Part-43:Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration

FAA-Part 60


Part-60: Flight Simulation Training Device Initial and Continuing Qualification and Use

FAA-Part 61


Part-61:Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors

FAA-Part 91


Part-91:General Operating and Flight Rules

FAA-Part 107


Part-107:Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

FAA-Part 117


Part-117:Flight and Duty Limitations and Rest Requirements: Flightcrew Members

FAA-Part 121


Part-121:Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations

FAA-Part 125


Part-125:Certification and Operations: Airplanes having a seating capacity of 20 or more passengers or a maximum payload capacity of 6,000 pounds or more; and rules governing persons on board such aircraft

FAA Part-129


Part-129:Operations: Foreign Air Carriers and Foreign Operators of U.S.-Registered Aircraft Engaged in Common Carriage

FAA-Part 133


Part-133:Rotorcraft External-Load Operations

FAA Part-135


Part-135:Operating Requirements:Commuter and On Demand Operations and Rules Governing Persons On Board Such Aircraft


Part-119:Certification: Air Carriers and Commercial Operators

FAA-Part 137


Part-137:Agricultural Aircraft Operations

FAA-Part 141


Part-141:Pilot Schools

FAA-Part 142


Part-142:Training Centers

FAA-Part 145


Part-145:Repair Stations

FAA-Part 450


Part-450:Launch and Re-entry License Requirements



Part-91:International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices


Part-171:General Information, Regulations, and Definitions


Part-172:Hazardous Materials Table, Special Provisions, Hazardous Materials Communications, Emergency Response Information, Training Requirements, and Security Plans


Part-173:Shippers-General Requirements for Shipments and Packagings


Part-175:Carriage by Aircraft


Part-178:Specifications for Packagings


Part-179:Specifications for Tank Cars


Part-180: Continuing Qualification and Maintenance of Packagings


Compliance Library 

Included sub-parts

Air Transportation Regulations (ATR) Canada

Part I: General

Part II: Domestic and International Licenses and Reduction in Domestic Services

Part IV: Transborder Charters

Part V: Tariffs

Part VI: Service Schedules

Part VII: Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Persons 

Canadian Aviation Regulation (CARs)

Part I: General Provisions

Part II: Aircraft Identification and Registration and Operation…

Part III: Aerodromes, Airports and Heliports

Part IV: Personnel Licensing and Training

Part V: Airworthiness

Part VI: General Operating and Flight Rules

Part VII: Commercial Air Services

Part VIII: Air Navigation Services

Part IX: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Part X: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Aviation

Canadian Aviation Standards (CAR)

Part II:Standard 222 – Aircraft Marking and Registration

Part II:Standard 223 – Operation of a Leased Aircraft by a Non-registered Owner

Part III:Standard 322 – Airports

Part III:Standard 323 – Aircraft Fire Fighting at Airports and Aerodromes

Part III:Standard 325 – Heliports

Part IV:Standard 421 – Flight Crew Permits, Licences and Ratings

Part IV:Standard 422 – Air Traffic Controller Licences and Ratings

Part IV:Standard 424 – Medical Requirements

Part IV:Standard 425 – Flight Training

Part IV:Standard 426 – Flight Training UNits

Part IV:Standard 428 – Conduct of Flight Tests

Part V:Standard 500 – General

Part V:Standard 501 – Annual Airworthiness Information Reports

Part V:Standard 505 – Delegation of Authority

Part V:Standard 507 – Flight Authority and Certification

Part V:Standard 509 – Export Airworthiness Certificates for Aircraft

Part V:Standard 516 – Aircraft Emissions

Part V:Standard 522 – Gliders and Powered Gliders

Part V:Standard 523 – Normal Category Aeroplanes 

Part V:Standard 523-VLA – VLA – Very Light Aeroplanes

Part V:Standard 525 – Transport Category Aeroplanes 

Part V:Standard 527 – Normal Category Rotorcraft

Part V:Standard 529 – Transport Category Rotorcraft

Part V:Standard 531 – Manned Free Balloons

Part V:Standard 533 – Aircraft Engines

Part V:Standard 535 – Propellers 

Part V:Standard 537 – Appliances and Parts

Part V:Standard 541 – Airships

Part V:Standard 549 – Amateur-Built Aircraft

Part V:Standard 551 – Aircraft Equipment and Installation

Part V:Standard 561 – Approved Manufacturers

Part V:Standard 563 – Distribution of Aeronautical Product

Part V:Standard 566 – Aircraft Maintenance

Part V:Standard 571 – Maintenance

Part V:Standard 573 – Approved Maintenance Organizations

Part VI:Standard 621 – Obstruction Marking and Lighting

Part VI:Standard 622.11 – Ground Icing Operations

Part VI:Standard 622.131 – Pilot Assessment of Runway Visibility

Part VI:Standard 624 – Emergency Features of the Generaö Operating and Flight Rules Standards

Part VI:Standard 625 – Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance Standard

Part VII:Standard 720 – General

Part VII:Standard 721 – Foreign Air operations

Part VII:Standard 722 – Aerial Work

Part VII:Standard 723 – Air Taxi – Aeroplanes

Part VII:Standard 723 – Air Taxi – Helicopters

Part VII:Standard 724 – Commuter Operations – Aeroplanes

Part VII:Standard 724 – Commuter Operations – Helicopters

Part VII:Standard 725 – Airline Operations – Aeroplanes

Part VII:Standard 726 – Air Operator Maintenance 

Part VIII:Standard 824 – Runway Visibility ASsessment

Part VIII:Standard 821 – Canadian Domestic Air Traffic Control Separation Standards

Part IX:Standard 921 – Small remotely Piloted Aircraft in Visual Line-Of-Sight (VLOS)

Part IX:Standard 922 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Safety Assurance 

Part X:Standard 1020 – CORSIA

Compliance Library

Included sub-parts

CASR Flight Ops

Part-91: General operating and flight rules

Part-91: Manual of Standards (MOS)

Part-119: Charter, RPT or Air Ambulance Operations

Part-121: Australian air transport operations – larger aeroplanes 

Part-121: Manual of Standards (MOS) 

Part-133: Australian air transport operations rotorcraft

Part-135: Australian air Transport Operations – Smaller Aeroplanes

Part-135: Manual of Standards (MOS)

Part-138: Aerial work operations

Civil Aviation Order 20.9: Air Service Operations

Civil Aviation Order 20.11: Emergency & life saving equipment & passenger control in emergencies

Civil Aviation Order 82.5: Conditions on Air Operators’ Certificates authorizing regular public transport operations in high capacity aircraft 


Part-42: Continuing airworthiness requirements for aircraft and aeronautical products

Part-42: Manual of Standards (MOS)

Part-90: Additional airworthiness requirements

Part-90: Manual of Standards (MOS)


Part-66: Continuing airworthiness – aircraft engineer licenses and ratings

Part-66: Manual of Standards (MOS)

Part-145: Continuing airworthiness – Part 145 approved maintenance organizations

Part-145: Manual of Standards (MOS)

CASR Flight Crew

Part 141: Recreational, private and commercial pilot flight training, other than certain integrated training courses

Part 142: Integrated and multi-crew pilot flight training, contracted recurrent training and contracted checking

Part 61: Manual of Standards (MOS)

CASR Dangerous Goods

Part-92: Consignment and carriage of dangerous goods

Part – Dangerous Goods Manuals

Civil Aviation Act 1988

Civil Aviation Act 1988

CASR Aerodromes

Part-139: Manual of Standards (MOS)

Compliance Library

Included sub-parts

Aviation Training Organisation

Part 61: Pilot Licenses and Ratings

Part 141: Aviation Training Organisations – Certification

Maintenance Organization 

Part 43: General Maintenance Rules

Part 66: Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing 

Part 145: Aircraft Maintenance Organizations Certification

Flight Operations

Part 91: General Operating and Flight Rules

Part 92: Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Part 105: Parachuting Operating Rules

Part 121: Air Operations Medium Aeroplanes

Part 125: Air Operations Large Aeroplanes

Part 133: Helicopter External Load Operations

Part 135: Air Operations Helicopters and Small Aeroplanes 


Part 12: Accidents, Incidents, and Statistics

Part 19: Transition Rules

Part 100: Safety Management 

Part 115: Adventure Aviation Certification and Operations

Part 119: Air Operator Certification

Part 149: Aviation Recreation Organizations Certification

Compliance Library

Included sub-parts


OTAR Part-21

Part-21: Certification of Aircraft


OTAR Part-39

Part-39: Continued Airworthiness Requirements


OTAR Part-43

Part-43: General Maintenance Requirements


OTAR Part-91

Part-91: General Operating Instructions


OTAR Part-125

Part-125: Complex General Aviation including Corporate Operations


OTAR Part-145

Part-145: Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval



Compliance Library

Included sub-parts

Aruba AUA-OPS – Section 1

AUA-OPS – Section 1

Aruba AUA-OPS – Section 2

AUA-OPS – Section 2 

Compliance Library

Included sub-parts


Part-91: General Operating and Flight Rules


Part-121: Operations: Commercial Air Operators Operating Transport Category Aircraft or Commuter Category Airplanes 


Part-125: Operations: Noncommercial Operators Using Turbojets, Transport Category Aircraft, Or Commuter Category Airplanes


Part-135: Operations: Commercial Air Operators Operating – General Aviation Aircraft


Part-142: Training Centers

Compliance Library 

Included sub-parts

Additional material included (AMC/GM)

AMC splitting

BCAA Air Crew

ANTR Part II: Licensing Regulations (general)

ANTR FCL 1: Flight Crew Licensing (Aeroplane)

ANTR FCL 2: Flight Crew Licensing (Helicopter)

ANTR FCL 3: Flight Crew Licensing (Medical)

CAP 09: Personnel Licensing


CAP 10: Examiners


CAP 19: Prevention of Substance Abuse


CAP 21: Examinations


CAP 22: Authorized Medical Examiner


CAP 26: Flight Dispatcher


BCAA Air Ops

ANTR OPS 1: Commercial & Private Air Transportation (Aeroplanes)

ANTR FSTD A: Aeroplane Flight Simulation Training Devices

CAP 01: Air Operator Certification


CAP 04: Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO)


CAP 06: Leasing and Charter Arrangements


CAP 07: Electronic Flight Bag


CAP 11 Vol 1: PBN Technology


CAP 11 Vol 2: PBN Operational Approval


CAP 11 Vol 3: PBN Specification Job Aids


CAP 12: Exemptions


CAP 16: Registration of Aircraft


CAP 20: Advanced Qualification Programme


CAP 23: Flight Synthetic Training Devices




CAP 28: High Level Airspace (HLA)


CAP 32: MEL Policy and Procedures Manual


BCAA Airworthiness

ANTR 145: Approved Maintenance Organisations

ANTR M: Continuing Airworthiness

CAP 13: Approval of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)


CAP 25: Maintenance Programmes


CAP 29: Permit to Fly


CAP 30: Modifications and Repair


CAP 31: Aircraft Parts Authenticity


BCAA Part 66

ANTR 66: Aircraft Maintenance Licence Aeroplanes and Helicopters

BCAA Heliports

ANTR Vol III Part 14-2: Heliports

BCAA Occurrence Reporting

CAP 05: Incident and Occurrence Reporting


CAP 17: Voluntary Reporting Programme


Compliance Library

Included sub-parts


Basic Aviation Risk Standard – CAO, OHO and RPAS 

BARS – C-I-T RPAS:BAR Standard for RPAS Operations

Flight safety Foundation

BARS – C-I-T OHO:BAR Standard for Offshore Helicopter Operations (BARSOHO)

BARS- C-I-T CAO:BAR Standard – Contracted Aircraft Operations

Compliance Library

Included sub-parts


IOSA – Maintenance, Ground 






IOSA – Cabin, Cargo 






IOSA – Flight Ops 







Compliance Library

Included sub-parts


ARGUS Audit Standard


ARGUS International








Compliance Library

Included sub-parts


Part 145: Aircraft Maintenance Organisation – Certification

CASA PNG Operations

Part 121: Air Operations – Large Aeroplanes

Part 125: Air Operations – Medium Aeroplanes

Part 135: Air Operations – Small Aeroplanes

Part 136: Air Operations – Helicopters

CASA PNG Part 91

Part 91: General Operating and Flight Rules


Compliance Library 

Included sub-parts

Additional material included (AMC/GM)

AMC splitting


UAE CAR-ORA: Organisations Requirement for Aircrew


UAE CAR-FCL: Flight Crew Licensing

UAE CAR-CC: Cabin Crew Licensing and Training 


UAE CAR-FOR: Foreign Operators Regulation 


UAE CAR-SMS: Safety Management System


Compliance Library 

Included sub-parts

Additional material included (AMC/GM)


Cover Regulation: Cover Regulation to TCAR OPS and TCAR OPS Part-DEF, ORO, CAT and SPA


Part DEF: Definitions of Terms Used in TCAR OPS

Part CAT: Commercial Air Transport

Part ORO: Organisation Requirements for Air Operations

Part SPA: Operations Requiring Specific Approvals


Part CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization

Part CAO: Combined Airworthiness Organization

Part M: Continuing Airworthiness Requirement

Part ML: Continuing Airworthiness Requirement

Compliance Updates


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