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Support Guides – For Editors

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Support Guides – For Editors

Even though the Editors know our system in and out, sometimes they face difficulties in managing certain amendments with modules or tools within their documentation. We have developed extensive how-to guides to provide support in all stages.

Getting started as an Editor

The initial phase of being an Editor can imply multiple doubts. That’s why in the Help Center, you have available articles to guide you while importing Word documents into the system, including relevant tips to consider such as file formats, headings, tables, images, footnotes, hyperlinks, and lists, among other guidelines.


Likewise, we have a post on how to create a MEL- Minimum Equipment List, detailing step-by-step instructions for you to build it by using our templated MELs. Similarly, you can get guidance on how to add a document, with specific instructions for Web documents, File documents, and External documents.

You can also find guides for concrete queries, such as 


To ease the management of documents, Editors can also find guidelines for common tasks such as copying a document, creating partial revisions, and archiving manuals.

Working with Smart Modules

Editors have found in the modules the easy and efficient way to work with their manuals. These automated features give more flexibility to work with the content. However, it’s important to consider that when you apply any of our modules to a page it can cause an overflow if there is a lot of content in the module displayed. Here you can read a short guide on how to control overflow caused by modules.


The Smart Modules are simple to include and the toolbar provides access to the full list of modules available. Here you can find instructions on how to add the most common modules and key tips to use them in the best way:



One of the sections more used for the Editors is the tables, especially when dealing with complex ones. That’s why we have build guides to help you create a table, create a template table, and even understand why the table border icon in the toolbar is greyed out.


When working with pages several questions can emerge at adding links, when changing outdated links, or even editing images in the system. Also, editors can get doubts about structuring chapters and headings, particularly when it’s necessary to change their levels from numbers to letters.

Furthermore, we understand that it can take some time for our customers to receive the Signed Approval from the authorities. We created a guide for you to upload the approval after publishing your manual.

Editors' FAQs

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