Create a Form

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Click on Modules and subsequently on Forms in the main menu.  Add a New Form Click on Add form, which you find in the bottom-right corner of this view. Set the name of your Form. Select the category where it should be placed. Enter a short description (optional).  Select the owner of the form (optional). […]

How to Publish your Revision

how to publish your new revision or document in web manuals

Note: Before a document can be published, all pages need to be approved and be in the final stage of the Workflow. Read about how to review or how to create a new revision. Click on Publish in the menu above the page.  Here you can set the frequency according to which reminders should be sent […]

How to add a new User to Web Manuals

Go to Users > Manage Users > click on Add User.  Give the user a username. Select the appropriate User Type.  The User Type will determine the access to functions that the user will have in Web Manuals, e.g. an Editor will be able to read, review and edit documents while a Reader will only […]