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Built by Aviation Professionals, for Aviation Professionals. Explore the powerful features that enable you to monitor your compliance, write, review and distribute aviation documents.

Save up to 80%
of your time

Writing and editing large documents becomes much easier.

Monitor your compliance

Get notifications for regulatory updates and changes.

Up-to-date manuals without mistakes

Reading and reviewing documents has never been clearer.


Make sure everyone has access to and has read the latest revision.

The Entire Document Workflow in One System

The entire process of creating new revisions, reviewing, and completing audits is managed in one system. You can always work with the latest and most updated version of any document. All manuals are stored on the cloud.

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Notify Readers

Ensure that information has reached the organisation

  • Role-based control
  • Personalized notifications
  • Review revision updates


See who has read

Reduce mistakes

  • Ensure immediate distribution
  • Distribution reports
  • Complete revision history

Built for Aviation Professionals

Web Manuals is a document management system tailored to the aviation industry. It allows you to simply Edit and Review Manuals, while also monitoring your compliance and much more, all in one system!

Too good to be true? Let us show you.

Focus on writing aviation manuals while the software takes care of everything else

Don't bother with time-consuming tables or compliance revisions. Let our editor do the work for you.

Automated Modules

Our software offers everything from automatically updated TOC & LEP to creating a MEL with just two clicks. Includes linking to uploaded signed FAA approval. 

Easy Online Collaboration

Work with several people in the same document at the same time, in real-time from anywhere in the world! No more sharing files back and forth.  Access is controlled, changes logged.

Workflow for approving

Changes can be approved, rejected and commented with full audit trial. Web Manuals also offers tailored workflows with e-mail notification. For example, if your co-worker makes a change to a manual someone with authority has to approve it.

Automatic Revision Bars

Line-by-Line bars are added and removed automatically between revisions. Readers can directly navigate between changes using their iPad, simplifying understanding of revision changes


Automatic List of Effective Pages and Revision bars with traceability​

Editing manuals can be time-consuming – but not with Web Manuals. Our automated modules take care of all the tasks that usually take a lot of editing time. The List of Effective Pages is just one of our many automatic smart modules that will make your life easier.

Our document management system for aviation manuals also offers full traceability. Revision bars are also automatically added whenever there is a change. By clicking on the Delta icon, you can see all the latest revision changes on the page.

Clean, coherent document design, and structured workflow

One of the best parts about the editor is that you are in full control of both the document design and also the workflow. Once you make a change to a page, someone else has to review and accept the changes. Everyone who is working on the document will always have access to the latest version. You can create templates for your entire team of editors so that all your manuals look coherent.

editor list of effective pages update needed

Monitor your Compliance and never search for out-dated regulations ever again

Automatically stay on top of regulatory updates and changes with the Web Manuals Compliance Libraries.

Connect Regulations

Create controlled links between regulations and paragraphs. No more excel sheets to keep track of regulatory compliance.

Get Alerts and Notifications

Get alerts whenever there is a change in a chapter or the compliance regulation. The system keeps track of linked regulations.

Stay Compliant & Reduce Risks

Web Manuals enables you to keep your aviation manuals up to date. The system also reduces the risk for errors and mistakes. 

Save Time on Compliance

The compliance libraries system offers efficient regulatory monitoring and compliance check.

See exactly what has changed in the latest regulation's revision

Imagine if you don’t have to look through your excel sheets and compare each regulation side by side. If you like that idea, then Web Manuals is perfect for you. With our document management system, you can see any change for any regulation that you are subscribed to. You also immediately see which of your manuals are affected by a change. It also reduces the risk of errors and mistakes when it comes to compliance.

Connect regulations to any of your manuals and chapters.

Connecting a a regulation to a chapter is easy. Once you have subscribed to a compliance library, click the link icon, and then select your manual and the chapter. You can also add comments that, for example, explain why a regulation is connected to a specific manual. This allows you to have full traceability. Of course, you can connect several manuals to the same regulation.

connect compliance libraries

Read & Review aviation manuals. Have Access to the latest revision at all times.

Reading and reviewing aviation documents has never been clearer and more structured.

Review Aviation Manuals

Send approvals, rejects, or comments on proposed changes back to the editor. on an individual page basis, not the entire aviation document.

Customized Workflow

The review process is fully customizable. Different departments and individuals can be added to the workflow to fit your needs.

Intuitive Navigation

View all document changes quickly by using the change track button. Your team can read and review all the aviation manuals to which they have access.

Highlights & Annotations

Make personal annotations and highlights in your documents that remain throughout revisions.

Review your documents with the customizable workflow

Everyone always has access to the latest document version with a clear overview of what step of the reviewing process the document is in. You can create different workflows depending on your needs. In the video example to the right, you see the default workflow in action.

Web Manuals also allows you to see who has read the latest revision and who has not.

Powerful Apps that can be used on your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Documents are always accessible through the Web Manuals app. Download all your operation critical documents. You can even notify your pilots of what manuals have to be downloaded. Our software is compatible with EFB Class 1 and 2. Specifically, the apps are available on Windows, Apple iOS devices, and soon Android devices.

web manuals reader app on electronic flight bag viewing document

Summary of all Product Features

Below is a short description of every product feature. For more detailed information, read more under product pages.

Simple Editing

We have tailored Web Manuals to the aviation industry. Therefore, editing aviation manuals becomes much easier. For instance, our modules get rid of time-consuming editing. 

Smart Automated modules

Web Manuals offers many automated modules and features. This makes writing aviation documents more efficient. Examples of these modules include the LEP, MEL, and many more.

Consistent Layout

All your aviation documents have the same layout. Admins set the standard design in which editors can work.

Less Mistakes

Most importantly, a document change doesn’t come into effect unless it is approved by a reviewer.

No Jumping Pages

Have you ever tried to move an image or table in Word? Did it mess up your document? In Web Manuals you’ll work smoothly with warnings for overflow content.

Quick Import from Word

Import your aviation manuals or other documents into Web Manuals and convert them to smart web-based documents. You can also upload and manage other files, like PDFs and external links.

Controlled Publishing

Publishing aviation manuals is now clearer for everyone involved. There is no need to send the document as an email or save it on a drive. Every user with access gets a notification once a document is published.

Always Have the Latest Revision

There are no document duplicates. You and your colleagues will always see the latest revision. All previous revisions are saved in the same document as a revision archive.

Track Who Read the Document

After publishing documents, you can control and track the distribution. You can add an active checkout to  any document. This means that you can keep track of which users have read the latest revision of your aviation manuals.

Live-Linking to Compliance Regulations

Keep your manuals up-to-date by linking aviation compliance regulations to chapters and headings in your aviation manuals. 


Read more

Notification for Changes

The system will notify you about changes to any compliance regulations. Most importantly, you see which of your chapters and headings that are affected.

Adding New Standards & Regulations

You can add more aviation standards and regulations to your account at any time. If there is a standard or regulation that we do not offer, please contact us

​​Available Regulations

Moreover, we have various aviation regulations and their sub-parts available. For example, EASA Air Operations (Air OPS) and FAA Part 135.

Available Standards

  • ARGUS Audit Standard
  • IS-BAH
  • IS-BAO (and Audit Forms)

See all available standards here.

Fast and Versatile

The Web Manuals Reader allows for swift navigation and highlighting. The Reader also includes clear revision bars with comments.

Highlights and Annotations

You can make highlights and annotations that are individually saved to your user. These highlights are accessible on any device.


The user can quickly send feedback to the owner of the document in the form of a comment. Subsequently, comments can be reviewed, approved, or dismissed.

Revision Bar

Changes are indicated by a revision bar on the side of the page. Most importantly, when clicking the delta icon, you can see why this particular change was made. Changes can also be commented on by other reviewers.

Minimum Data

Our document management system for aviation manuals provides efficient updating of any kind with minimum data transfer. You will always be able to have your aviation manuals ready on any device, like your EFB.

Electronic Flight Bag - EFB

Our software is compatible with EFB Class 1 and 2. Specifically, Windows, Apple devices, and soon Android.

Customized Approval Workflow

Whenever someone edits a document, every assigned reviewer is notified. Subsequently, assigned users can approve or reject changes. Most importantly, the changed page doesn’t come into effect unless it is approved. The aforementioned is fully customizable for each document.

Reviewing and Approving Changes

For users with reviewer access, they can accept and deny proposed document changes. Other users can also comment on proposed changes. In other words, this four-eye policy makes the workflow much clearer and minimizes mistakes.

Navigate Between Changes

Jump directly between the latest changes of your revision. In short, this enables you to navigate aviation documents to see what’s new quickly. All changes are indicated by a revision bar. When you click the delta icon above the revision bar, comments about the change are revealed.

Forms Manager

Simple Editing

As an editor, you can easily design Custom Forms. You can simply drag and drop fields onto the form area.

Submit Forms

You can submit forms at any time, even when you are offline.

Submitted Data in a Registry Database

Submitted forms are stored. You can export the data into a separate reporting system.

Admin Functions and Distribution

Send Notifications to Devices

Admins may send notifications to EFB devices. The announcement can be a pop-up on the screen.

Control Distribution

Admins can easily control which devices get the latest revision updates of your aviation documents.

Force-update Operation Critical Documents

Admins can force update operation critical documents to the latest revision on any EFB device.

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