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Version 6.0 ‘Gripen’ takes flight

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Version 6.0 ‘Gripen’ takes flight

Web Manuals is today launching a significant enhancement to its document digitization software, designed to bring even greater simplicity to the increasingly complex tasks of document management and regulatory compliance.

The latest version of Web Manuals’ Cloud-based application – version 6.0 ‘Gripen’ – features a redesigned, intuitive user interface through which manuals and other documents can be swiftly navigated and edited, allowing users to easily access key functionalities. New features designed to enhance the user experience and streamline record keeping include a checklist widget, content mirror module, and records of revision module.

Another key feature of the updated application is the new alerting system, which notifies manual owners to internal tasks assigned by other team members. In addition, a new, powerful permissions manager and refined user list will further streamline configuration for large organizations.  

These new functionalities sit alongside the long-standing alerts function to Compliance Library updates, including amendments to regulations/standards from EASA, FAA, IATA, and IBAC. By alerting users through the Web Manuals platform, an operator is able to update its policies or procedures to swiftly meet new requirements. 

Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals, says: “Operators are facing a significant challenge to maintain up-to-date compliance manuals, which form an essential foundation of any aviation business. Through our latest release of Web Manuals, we empower our customers to simplify the work of monitoring regulations, particularly by alerting them to new issues and rules changes as they arise. This is especially valuable to large organizations where an established team often manages compliance across many international regulatory bodies. This not only offers major time-savings to operators but also enables them to demonstrate conformance to auditors through documented Acceptable Means of Compliance.”

As well as harnessing the latest proven technologies in developing Gripen, Web Manuals has also responded to customer feedback in designing new features.

Lidgard explains: “Many of the features in this update reflect feedback from our customers, including the content mirror module and the checklist widget. Web Manuals’ success rests on our understanding of the particular needs of aviation operators and by putting user feedback at the heart of our product development, we are helping customers to eliminate paperwork and focus instead on their greatest priority: running a smooth and safe operation.”

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