Web Manuals Improves Accessibility For ATOs

A new initiative from Web Manuals is designed to empower ATO schools with a large number of students to go fully digital, easing the burden of manually editing instructor and operation manuals and course content. Web Manuals is launching a student offer, with reduced rates for all approved training organisations. Flight training schools will now […]

Web Manuals for Flight Schools: Training the Next Generation of Pilots

Web Manuals for ATOs

Over 20 flight schools are currently using Web Manuals to manage their documentation. Among these are Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA), Horizon Swiss Flight Academy, and Flugschule ARDEX. Flight schools, otherwise known as Approved Training Organizations (ATOs), need to manage everything from instructions, syllabi, and operations manuals to plane certificates and student forms. Taking […]

Web Manuals Freemium Campaign

Web Manuals Freemium Campaign

Web Manuals is currently offering a Freemium Campaign of its product for free to any startup within the aviation sector (established 2020). The Freemium offer includes: 5 Readers 2 Editors 1 Compliance Library The Freemium period lasts until 31st December with opt-out available until 30th November. Essential onboarding is included. Reach out to sales@webmanuals.aero if […]