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Web Manuals partners are subject-matter experts, enriching our platform with complimentary aviation solutions that enhance user experience and unlock advanced system capabilities.

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The Partner Network

Aviation Services, Products & Solutions

The Web Manuals Partner Community consists of trusted subject-matter experts from all corners of the aviation industry. Our Partnerships are at the foundation of our strategy. By incorporating our partners in our offering to the aviation industry, we empower customers with leading solutions and services around the Web Manuals application. We strongly believe that the more connected we are, the better we can serve our industry.

Our partners’ products and services can be accessed through the Web Manuals Store. Here you can find compliance libraries, licenses, template documents and other partner services. We are constantly updating and adding offerings to the Store based on industry demand and individual needs.

Today, we work with over 50 different solution providers, service partners, sales agents, and affiliated organizations. All of our partners align with the standards of our Sustainability Charter.

Our partner team provides training, material, and certificates to support our partners. Together, we also participate trade shows, sales meetings and other marketing activities. 

We are happy to discuss different types and levels of partnerships to see which one would fit your company best. To know more about it, please get in touch and give us some more details.

Our Solution Providers

Solution Providers offer software solutions that complement the Web Manuals product.

Our Certified Solution Provider Partners offer hardware and software solutions that provide in-depth integration of functionalities and data with Web Manuals.

Our Service Providers

Our Service Provider Partners are experts in the area of aviation services such as regulations and safety management. They are qualified to provide content authoring services using Web Manuals.

Premium Partners are certified Web Manuals professionals with thorough knowledge of the Web Manuals tools and best practices. Furthermore, they can provide qualified training and guidance in implementing Web Manuals. Also, Premium Partners can manage document libraries on behalf of clients using Web Manuals.

Official Resellers are certified partners who are allowed to resell Web Manuals licenses, who have been trained to conduct the Web Manuals Implementation Project, and to provide the first-line support. Official Resellers perfectly combine the most extensive knowledge of Web Manuals with their own expertise and services.

Onelead Aviation

Aviation consultants creating manuals, enhancing safety and ensuring regulatory compliance. We make flight operations manuals, creates and links them within Web Manuals compliance library. We specialise in customised OM-B including MEL. Any other manuals on request.
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