Web Manuals 8 Demo - Full introduction webinar about the new system

This Web Manuals 8 demo provides a full overview of our brand new All-in-One Document Management System

The new Web Manuals 8 Demo; Smart Modules - for Integrated Compliance & Revision Tracking - Edit, Publish, Distribute Manuals, and Content.

Our Sales Manager Emil Ahlgren runs you through the basics of the whole system from start to finish. Web Manuals Version 8 comes with a new and more comfortable user interface, overall improved performance, and more convenient features for you to use.

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Web Manuals 8 Demo Webinar Description

Join the digital manuals, documents, and compliance specialist Emil Ahlgren at Web Manuals as he walks you through the latest version of our industry-leading digital document management solution: Web Manuals 8.0.

During the Webinar, you will see how Web Manuals solutions, which are already in use at over 300 companies worldwide, can assist airlines, aircraft operators, and MROs to efficiently manage (edit, publish and distribute) critical manuals and company documents while providing pilots, cabin crew, and engineers with seamless access to the latest, up-to-date, and role-specific, manuals and content, with additional powerful search functionality, so they can quickly find the information they require.

The Webinar begins with looking at the challenges of managing aviation manuals and documents, from keeping track of regulatory compliance to time-consuming revision processes and audits.  Then, via a demo of the newly released Web Manuals 8.0 solution, you will see how to digitize and simplify this process.  The demo will follow the lifecycle of a document – Monitor, Author, Review, Publish, and Control, and showcase the smart modules and advanced features available during the editing stage including:

  • Automated Compliance Monitoring
  • Auto-generating list of effective pages
  • Self-updating revision bars with delta icon that clearly highlights all changes
  • Record of revisions that auto-updates, to clearly see the changes
  • Easily add, in seconds, an MEL, checklist, or dynamic table of content in seconds into the manual or document
  • Quickly see if you have content overflow and add a new page if needed
  • And lots more

The Web Manuals 8.0 Demo is divided into three key parts:

  1. Web Manuals 8.0 Demo 1: Reader for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineers.
    First, you will see the Web Manuals Reader which allows users to access content via a web browser (an App for pilots, Cabin Crew, or engineers is also available with exactly the same functionality). As you will see, the Web Manuals Reader is used by both end-users such as pilots, cabin crew, or engineers, as well as editors and admin, to view content or initiate and approve change requests. The intuitive dashboard is used to easily navigate existing information or manuals, or work through changes. Dynamic, role-specific content ensures that all the information instantly available is based on the user’s role or the task at hand. You will also see how easily change requests can be initiated or comments added directly into the document; and how users can quickly generate and fill in digital forms such as a Flight Occurrence Report.
  2. Web Manuals 8.0 Demo 2: Monitor, Author, Revise, Publish, Distribute, Control
    Next, using a demo of the new Web Manuals 8.0 solution, you will see the entire Web Manuals document lifecycle – Monitor, Author, Review, Publish, and Control. The document lifecycle is an easy and controlled way to edit, review, and publish and distribute your manuals, as well as being able to see who has read which documents. You will see how to review manuals and how to publish as well as how to instantly distribute documents to the right people. Lastly, you will see how to generate instant performance reports including which users have read what document or manual and when, and easily send email reminders to alert users to view documents.
  3. Web Manuals 8.0 Demo 3: Editing with Smart Modules, Latest Developments, Store
    You will see the smart modules and advanced features available during the editing process, including automatic compliance monitoring, auto-generating list of effective pages, automatic revision, and page numbers, and lots more.  At the same time, you will see the new Web Manuals Version 8.0 which provides a new and easier user interface, overall improved performance, and more convenient features.  Finally, you will be taken on a tour of the Web Manuals Store, where users can purchase additional content and features such as: compliance libraries (EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, etc.), template documents for MELs and Operations Manuals, and lots more.

To find out everything that is new in Web Manuals 8.0, read our recent product update; 
What’s new in Web Manuals 8.0 compared to before? – New Interface, Features & Functions!

This Webinar was originally broadcasted on Aircraft IT on the 8th of October 2020. Click here to view the webinar at Aircraft IT. Interested in seeing how our system used to look? Check out the Web Manuals version 7.0 demo from 2019.


Webinar Agenda

  • Presentation of Web Manuals
  • Demo of the entire system
    • Reading Manuals
    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Editing with Smart Modules
    • Reviewing
    • Publishing
  • Short presentation of the Web Manuals Store
  • Questions and Answers

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