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This demo provides a full overview of our All-in-One Document Management System - as presented on Aircraft IT in 2021

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Web Manuals All-In-One Document Management and Compliance System Demo

Our popular all-in-one aviation document management system is used by over 400 organizations worldwide – Bringing their entire company-wide document / manuals authoring, management, distribution, and compliance monitoring into one system. During the Webinar, our Sales Manager Tobias Nilsson will demo the solutions using genuine airline customer workflow case studies, showing how users can save up to 80% of their time when editing documents, creating new revisions, and keeping track of the ever-changing regulations.

The Webinar begins with a look at challenges many companies face using standard document and compliance management processes; challenges such as:

  • Difficulties in ensuring regulatory compliance with full traceability
  • Inefficient tools for editing and maintaining large and complex documents
  • Time-consuming revision processes
  • Having staff at different locations
  • Time-consuming audits


Our all-in-one solution provides our customers with the tools to effectively overcome these challenges. The demo, as well as covering customer workflows, will walk through the ’Web Manuals Document Lifecycle’- which generates a clear overview of how to efficiently monitor compliance, create a new revision and author documents, review, publish and distribute documents, plus, lastly, control who gains access to which documents. This will ensure that, ultimately, pilots, cabin crew, and engineers have seamless access to the latest role-specific, manuals and content, via our EFB application

Updating Regulations and Compliance – how we support KLM Cityhopper: 

“Using Web Manuals is a giant step forward in maintaining manuals and documentation and consistent in continuous compliance control.” – Ferry Van Zalen, KLM Cityhopper

Tobias shows the workflows when regulations are updated and how this will affect manuals. When a regulation is updated, all manuals that have connections to the regulations will receive a compliance warning. Users can then check what amendments are necessary in order to stay compliant and can view exactly what has changed from the previous regulations, and then update connected manuals accordingly.

Manual / Document Editing and easy Collaborative Working

You will see how Web Manuals crucially allows users to more easily collaborate between different departments and home offices with the review feature. This allows Editors and Reviewers to review changes on a page-to-page basis – all in one place, without having to send emails back and forth and reducing the risk of mixing different document versions or revisions.

You will also see how to easily edit documents. When using Web Manuals, users work with the Smart Content Modules which automatically update themselves whenever there are changes – such as the List of Effective Pages, Changelog, Content Mirror, and more. The system also features other aviation-specific tools that make the Editor’s tasks easier – such as Checklists and entire Minimum Equipment Lists that are ready to be filled in.

Authoring new Manuals / Documents – how Flugfélag Íslands does it: 

Web Manuals is now offering, in my opinion, the best Library solution on the market and not to forget the authoring part which is the backbone of this awesome product. Speaking with people using Web Manuals they all talk about how easy it is to follow and track changes made in all the documents now being updated more frequently.” – Magnús Sigurjónsson, Flugfélag Íslands (formerly known as Air Iceland Connect)

Next, you will be taken on a tour of the Authoring processes of Web Manuals. For example, how to easily create a new revision and track changes between previous revisions, as well as how to make use of the checklists for audits.

How Chair Airlines’ pilots, cabin crew, and engineers use Web Manuals:  

“For us, Web Manuals is a game-changer from what we had before. It makes things more transparent, saves time, and gives us an overview of the processes. We finally work on the content for the reader, and not on the editing.” – Klemen Kete, Chair Airlines

Finally, you will see the workflow for the ’Readers’ (pilots, cabin crew, engineers) after a new revision has been published. As you will see, Readers will be notified that there is a new revision available, and they need to actively “check out” the document to confirm that they have read the changed content. This makes sure that Readers actually read what they are supposed to read. The Readers can also easily navigate to the pages where there has been a change, which saves time. Readers can also make personalized highlights and annotations to make it easier for them to find important information.


Webinar Agenda:

  • Presentation of Web Manuals and how we solve your organization’s challenges
  • Web Manuals product Demo
  • Q&A


About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:

This webinar was first broadcasted on Aircraft IT in 2021. Click here to see the webinar on Aircraft IT’s site. 

Krister Genmark Web Manuals Document Management System

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