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Digital Manuals and Automatic Compliance for Airports and ATCCs

Web Manuals document management system allows you to edit, review, distribute and monitor aviation manuals with agility and control.

Simple Editing

Develop manuals with smart modules such as automated LEPs, MELs, change logs and other revision tracking as required by authorities. 

Compliance Magic

Create controlled links between regulations and paragraphs. No more excel sheets to keep track of regulatory compliance.

Get Alerts

Get alerts whenever there is a change in a chapter or the compliance regulation. The system keeps track of linked requirements.

Distribute Instantly

Distribute the latest revision of manuals with role-based permissions. Access documents online and offline with our EFB app. 

Web Manuals for you

Our system helps you with your Part 158 and similar regulations

  • Ensure you comply with FAA, EASA, CASA, or any other regulator.
    • Cross-reference your documents with regulations
    • Easily keep track of records for audits
  • Business and Operating procedures
    • Save up to 80% of your time when editing and standardizing manuals
    • Easily create new revisions and keep track across revisions.
  • Distribute manuals to those who need access
    • Ensure they all follow the most recent revision
    • Easy to use EFB app for all your manuals
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Documents in Web Manuals

Airport manuals must include

  • Operating procedures
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Responsibility assignments
  • Additional information needed for operations


  • Personnel training
  • Emergency personnel training
  • Airport fueling agent inspection
  • Fueling personnel training
  • Self-inspection
  • Movement areas and safety areas training
  • Accident and incident
  • Airport condition

Compliance Magic

Connect Regulations,
Get Automatically Notified

Forget about scrolling through pages, creating Excel sheets or other outdated tools to solve compliance challenges. Our compliance monitoring for aviation is so intuitive it feels like magic when the notification arrives and the changes are made.



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