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How to stay compliant in the constantly changing environment of the aviation industry with a guide on how to structure your documentation and manuals to sustain an efficient and controlled compliance process.

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Webinar Description

This On-Demand Webinar was Boradcasted on Aircraft IT the 16th January 2020. Join the digital manuals, documents and compliance specialists at Web Manuals as they walk you through their industry leading digital documentation solution, as well as looking at some latest developments. During the Webinar, you will see how Web Manuals solutions, which are already in use at over 240 companies worldwide, can assist airlines, aircraft operators and MROs to efficiently manage (edit, publish and distribute) critical manuals and company documents in multiple formats while providing pilots, cabin crew, and engineers with seamless access to the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the Mobile App, enabling them to quickly find the information they require and operate their roles efficiently and safely.

Using demos, Web Manuals experts will show you how the digital solution provides the tools required to manage the whole document or manual lifecycle in one system and how to stay compliant in the constantly changing environment of the aviation industry with a guide on how to structure your documentation and manuals to sustain an efficient and controlled compliance process. Also how to be ready to respond to any new regulatory requirements using: automated compliance linking and libraries within your manuals, time-saving document editing and reviewing processes, reliable distribution and control to flight crew and engineers ensuring everyone has read the document, and more…

The Webinar is divided into three key parts:

  • Demo 1: Web Manuals Distribution Solution and EFB Mobile App

    Firstly Web Manuals experts will show you a demo of the Web Manuals Reader and how this provides a reliable distribution and control solution for all documents and manuals. You will see how flight crew can easily and efficiently access the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the EFB Mobile App. Engineers can access their information using a similar App. From a compliance perspective you will see how this process ensures the latest versions of your manuals are reliably distributed to your organization and how to confirm that all key staff have acknowledged receipt of the latest updates.

    Key features you will see include: 

    – The Web Manuals Reader – EFB App
    – Targeted Distribution
    – User Performance
    – Active checkout options

  • Demo 2: Web Manuals Authoring, Editing and Reviewing Solution, inc: Compliance Linking and Libraries

    Next you will see a demo of the key features of the digital manuals solutions including how to rapidly and reliably update your manuals and documents to reflect new regulations, plus best practices on how to work efficiently with your compliance process. The demo will show how compliance linking and automatically updated compliance libraries meet the needs for staying compliant. You will also see how to save time in the editing and reviewing processes using smart modules, for example you will see how the fully automated List of Effective Pages updates itself as the editors work on the manuals, and how ‘master pages’ automatically update across all manuals and documents so editors do not have to change the same page in every document.

    Key features you will see include:

    – Regulatory monitoring
    – Time-Saving Editing Processes
    – The Web Manuals Lifecycle
    – Compliance Linking
    – The Web Manuals Compliance Libraries
    – Structured Authoring and Reviewing

  • Web Manuals Latest Developments and Updates:

    Finally you will be introduced to some latest developments and updates including: a brief overview of the next release of the Web Manuals system 8.0. The release of the new Web Manuals Store, where users can browse and order partner products, all of which have seamless integration with Web Manuals products and services. You will also see how to use the Web Manuals Store to easily browse and purchase additional compliance regulations and their sub-parts and add them to compliance libraries.

Webinar Agenda:

  • An introduction to Web Manuals
  • System Demo:
    – EFB App Demo
    – Efficient Authoring and Reviewing process
    – Compliance linking within your documents
    – Automatically updated Compliance Libraries
    – Reliable Distribution and Control
  • Latest Developments and Updates
  • Questions and Answers

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