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The Web Manuals EFB-application, how does it work?

See how the Web Manuals EFB app can provide pilots, cabin crew, and engineers with seamless access to your latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the Mobile App.

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Web Manuals EFB webinar how does the EFB-application work? app

This Webinar was broadcasted at:

Session 1

July 7th, 9:00 - CET
(Central European Time)

Session 2

July 7th, 09:00 AM - PDT
(Pacific Daylight Time)

EFB-application Webinar Description

Join the EFB expert Santiago Mesa while he explains the current problem with distribution of manuals and what you need to handle it. See the Web Manuals EFB app  in action during the Webinar. See how the EFB app can assist aircraft operators and MROs to efficiently distribute critical manuals and company documents in multiple formats while providing pilots, cabin crew, and engineers with seamless access to the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the Mobile App. The EFB Reader Application enables your crew to quickly find the information they require and operate their roles efficiently and safely.

Webinar Agenda

The challenge with manuals and Electronic Flight Bags as a solution

If your organization still relies on paper copies in cockpits – then you have a problem. Not only does the extra weight cost fuel in the long-run, but the management around it takes too much time. It’s hard to find specific information quickly and it’s difficult to give your editors direct and clear feedback once you find a mistake. Distributing new revisions to every aircraft is also a challenge in itself. Wouldn’t it be better to do everything in one push of a button?

Demo of the Reader EFB-app

Our colleague Santiago Mesa will show you a demo of the Web Manuals Reader EFB application and provide a reliable distribution and control solution for all documents and manuals. You will see how your flight crew can easily and efficiently access the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the EFB Mobile App. From a compliance perspective, you will see how this process ensures the latest versions of your manuals are reliably distributed to your organization and confirm that all key staff has acknowledged receipt of the latest updates.

Key features you will see include: 

  • The Web Manuals Reader – EFB App
  • Targeted Distribution
  • Access to the latest revision
  • Compliance Linking
  • Active checkout options to avoid signing paper copies

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