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Once upon a STARS

Once Upon a STARS angel
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Once upon a STARS

“The successful future of our planet depends on young people. It is essential that we understand that no institution or individual is too small to make a difference and that full collaboration is key”

– Angel Nikolov

We are incredibly proud of our colleague, Angel Nikolov, who was selected by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) as a delegate at the One Young World Summit in London on 22nd-25th October. 

The annual event brings together young talent from more than 190 countries, providing a global forum for accelerating social impact. Angel was one of the 10 EBAA delegates chosen to represent the business aviation industry.

We caught up with Angel after the summit to discuss his experiences.


How did you get involved in the One Young World Summit? 

I have long had a passion for changing the world for the better, and it is something I demonstrated when applying to become an EBAA delegate. I am now part of a team from across the business aviation industry that comes together to work out how our sector can be more aware of issues such as the environment and gender equality. 

I was elected to be the flag carrier for my home country, Macedonia, and was fortunate enough to be invited to the Macedonian embassy in London. It was a huge honour to represent my country and certainly something I’ll look back on with pride.


What were your key learnings from the summit? 

The biggest lesson I learnt from taking part in my first One Young World event was that the successful future of our planet depends on young people. It is essential that we understand that no institution or individual is too small to make a difference and that full collaboration is key. 


What were the main aims of the event? 

Our primary aim was to come up with an idea that would help business aviation become part of the solution for some of the major problems in the world. We conducted a workshop and decided to keep building on the idea from last year’s summit to introduce an initiative called ‘STARS’, which stands for Standards & Training for Aviation Responsibility and Sustainability. 

The initiative aims to support the business aviation industry by helping to increase awareness of social & environmental issues that can be addressed by the industry, build partnerships and introduce guidance and best practices that will benefit our companies, customers, communities and the society at large. The concept is similar to Fairtrade, but focuses on business aviation companies, to promote the sustainable development of our industry and the planet. 


What’s next? 

Our next steps will be to clarify the criteria around STARS and identify who it is going to be open to and who the service providers will be. In January 2020, our EBAA committee will next be meeting to combine our ideas and form a plan. This group of young professionals has full support from the EBAA in order to push the project forward

We will be following Angel’s process with the One Young World initiative and updating the blog with recent news and information – so please do keep your eyes peeled!


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