Web Manuals for Flight Schools: Training the Next Generation of Pilots

Web Manuals for ATOs
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Web Manuals for Flight Schools: Training the Next Generation of Pilots

Over 20 flight schools are currently using Web Manuals to manage their documentation. Among these are Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA), Horizon Swiss Flight Academy, and Flugschule ARDEX.

Flight schools, otherwise known as Approved Training Organizations (ATOs), need to manage everything from instructions, syllabi, and operations manuals to plane certificates and student forms. Taking this into account, the schools are not exempt from the documentation headaches that trouble the rest of the aviation community.

The Web Manuals suite for ATOs allows for a quick and flexible revision process and a seamless communication between instructors and students.

Flight School Students in the Digital Age

Students in the 21st century are used to applying the latest software tools in their learning process. Group work is done through Google Docs, study sessions planned through Facebook Messenger and meetings held via Zoom or Hangouts. The baseline expectation for flight schools, as well as any other education, is for there to be intuitive tools available that support rather than get in the way of learning.

Web Manuals for Flight Schools
Web Manuals 8 Portal

Web Manuals provides flight schools with the opportunity to meet the student’s expectations with its smooth and user friendly interface. Students can log in through the iPad app or the web-based reader to view all relevant documents, make personalized annotations and participate in course evaluations.

The World Changes Fast – Flight Schools Need to Change Fast Too

Adopting software to manage documentation is about more than shiny buttons and quick loading time. What we really want to help you achieve is a closely connected information loop between students, instructors and regulators.

We want to prevent teaching material from getting outdated. Using Web Manuals, the student can send in change requests to the person responsible for the document. The editor can then notify the student when the specific change has been implemented. Additionally, notifying students of new revisions to documents is done automatically.

We take off with Web Manuals version 8 because it is not just a document management tool, it is the core of all of our flight training documentation at Horizon Swiss Flight Academy. Simple, structured and suitable. Simple to use for our instructors and students with its intuitive interface, well-structured organization of our flight documents and suitable for all of our pilot training.”

Horizon Swiss Flight Academy

A modern flight school is one that is always on top of new requirements and that implements these into the learning material in a way that is easily digestible – which leads us to the Web Manuals benefits for readers.

Benefits for Flight School Students

With Web Manuals for flight schools, the students can focus on what is most important – learning to fly. Below is an introduction to our Reader.

Pinned Documents

In Web Manuals 8, it is easy to pin the most important documents to the reader dashboard for quick access. For students, fast access to operational critical documents or training manuals can be critical. The student can easily customize their own dashboard in user settings.

Pinning favorite documents allows for a more seamless training experience. There is no need to waste time browsing for specific content.

Easy Navigation

Another greatly appreciated benefit is the Delta Sign and Bar. These two features allow for students to fast and easily obtain changed content in new revisions. When using the delta sign, the student navigates between changes. When perusing the delta bar, the student sees exactly what changes have been done from the previous revision.

Web Manuals 8 also allows for multiple tabs to easily navigate between several documents when studying. Within a certain document, the student can further navigate between pages through the Page Overview.

The Page Overview can filter via thumbnails, table of content, favorite pages and annotations.

Annotations and Comments

In addition, when using Web Manuals for flight schools, the students can easily make personal annotations to ease the studying. The annotations are personal to the reader and remain throughout revisions.

The student can also make comments to the owner of the document, i.e. the instructor, for further clarification.

Discounted Reader Licenses for Flight Schools

In many ways, Web Manuals is central to enhanced aviation training. We believe it is important to help train the next generation of pilots.

As a result, we now offer reader licenses for only 2€ per user, per month for better access to Web Manuals for all students.

Read more about pricing here.

Krister Genmark Web Manuals Document Management System

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