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5 Advantages of Web Manuals Enterprise Plan

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Web Manuals Enterprise Plan is the most valuable solution for bigger flight operations with many aviation manuals and various certifications.

Account Executive, Annika Aneskog, points out five advantages of features and services included in Web Manuals Enterprise Plan. On average, these vary between €/$ 200-300 per month with the professional plan.

The Benefits of Choosing Web Manuals Enterprise Plan

1. Power Design Features

All users under Web Manuals Enterprise plan get automatic access to the power design package including document designer and custom modules.

Document Designer

The document designer allows you to handle layouts and designs at any time in the future without having to contact support.

Custom Modules

By getting access to our custom modules you get the possibility to create your own modules, such as cover page, template tables or anything that could be a module within the editor. You always have the option to ask our support team to create these modules for you, but this way you would have access to create the modules and modify them yourselves at any time.

Web Manuals Enterprise Plan
Access custom modules in settings under documents

2. Power Workflow Features

All users under Web Manuals Enterprise plan get automatic access to the power workflow package including forms editor and features related to the compliance library custom workflows.

Forms Editor

Forms can be easily created, distributed, and submitted by front line employees using our powerful Forms Manager tool. Editors easily design custom forms by simply dragging and dropping fields onto the form area. You can extract statistics on who has read which documents.

Published web-based documents may include dynamic forms that are linked to registries allowing submitted form data to be stored in a database. When data has been sent to the server, notices are sent to the responsible administrator with crucial information about the submitted data. It’s possible to submit data both via a web browser or offline using the Web Manuals Reader App, in which case the data is automatically synchronized when the device is back online. Electronically submitted form data is stored in a database with the option of integrating the data into a separate reporting system. The Forms Manager allows all submitted data to be analyzed with our statistics tool or exported to Excel.

Compliance Library Workflows (Rev/Doc)

This feature is related to the Document and Review check-boxes within the compliance library tool. It allows you to mark requirements as documented and reviewed to keep track of your work and resume it right where it was left off in the previous session of revisions. Hovering over the ticks allows you to see when the requirement was marked and by whom. The list of requirements can be filtered by source, owner and status. Multiple filters can be selected at once.

Please note that our Compliance Library/Compliance Monitoring Tool is an add-on feature for all pricing plans at an additional cost of €/$ 100 per compliance library per month.

3. Power Connections Features

All users under Web Manuals Enterprise plan get automatic access to the power connection features including OKTA connector, Azure Active Directory Connector, LDAP Connector and API Connectors.

OKTA connector

Securely login to Web Manuals with an OKTA authentication and authorisation login.

Azure Active Directory Connector

Azure Active Directory extends your on-premises directories to Web Manuals application.

LDAP Connector

The Generic LDAP Connector enables you to integrate the synchronization service with an LDAP v3 server.

API Connector

We also work with you to explore the possibility of integrating other company-specific API connectors.

4. IT and Compliance Services

In Web Manuals Enterprise plan, we also offer IT and compliance services to a greater extent. These include:

  1. Public Test Realm (to test new major release before the official release)
  2. Technical Support (API, Connectors)
  3. Backup Validation Report
  4. Availability Reports

5. Annual Compliance Reports

With Web Manuals Enterprise Plan, you also get full access to annual compliance reports for Web Manuals’ ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications.

Interested in Learning More?

We would love to discuss these things further with you! Please contact us at or book a demo below.

If you wish to upgrade as an existing customer, please reach out to your customer success representative for more information.

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