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Meet the Team – New Roles and New Members

meet the team - new intern and new roles
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Meet the Team – New Roles and New Members

A lot has happened during Q3 – We have a new intern and new roles to announce.

Elisa – From Service Desk to Customer Success!

Same outfit, same team – as of today!

Today is Elisa’s first day as part of the Customer Success Team. Her skillful expertise in the product will be a great asset to the team with a new form of contribution. Elisa looks forward to putting her product knowledge and devoted customer service skills into practice in her exciting new role where she can support the customers’ experience and their Web Manuals journey.

To the left: Julia, CSM. To the right: Elisa, CSA – Product Specialist.

Johan – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer Intern

Johan comes from Nynäshamn, a small village south of Stockholm. He is a
mix of a sports enthusiast, gamer, and programmer. He started wakeboarding at a young age and is since 2007 part of the Swedish national wakeboard team and has won the national championships several times.

During Swedish winters, he has mainly worked at ski resorts as a snow sports instructor, teaching skiing and snowboarding at all ages, on any level.

Johan’s huge interest in technology and videogames is what woke his
curiosity in developing code and in 2019 he moved in with his girlfriend in
Malmö and started studying programming with a focus on AI, which he finds tremendously fun and fascinating.

At Web Manuals, Johan is working on developing AI-modules and loves the
casual ‘Fika’-moments at the office.

Besides developing code and sports, Johan enjoys playing board games,
poker and kick back with a smoky whiskey.

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