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Manage Users

Add a new User

Go to Users -> Add User. 

Give the user a User name.

Select the User type you want for the new user.
The User type will determine which permissions the user will get, e.g. an Editor will have access to the admin interface, whereas a Reader will only have access to the Portal pages on the site and appropriate documents.

Select Check out manuals for user type this option if you want to checkout all documents for the new users.

Fill out the user information, only the ones marked with a * are required fields.

Update User

Go to Users -> Manage User.

Locate the user.

Change password​

Click on the lock icon to change the password for the user.

Update Roles

Click on Roles icon to change the roles connected to the user.


Active/deactive User

Click on the first of the five icon to either de-active or active the user.

Update user information

Click on on of the users name (Last name, First name or Username) to get to the user Edit User view. Enter the new information in the appropriate fields and press Update to save the changes.

Remove a User

Go to Users -> Manage User.

Locate the user.

Once you have located the user click on the trash icon and confirm to remove the user.

Multi actions for Users

Multi actions for users is a feature that makes it possible to perform an action on multiple users at a time. It works for activating, deactivating and deleting users as well as to send out welcome emails.

Go to Users -> Manage User.

 The box Selected users will appear on the right side. Click the action to be performed and confirm.

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