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Image Editing

Insert an image


1. Drag a Text section module onto the page.

2. Click the image icon in the menu.


3. Here you can choose an existing image from the drop down menu Image, add Alternative Text, change Width and Height and left/right align the image. If you want to upload an image, click the Upload tab (continue on step 4).

4. Drag and drop your image into the marked area, or click on the area to upload your image.


5. Make adjustments if needed (crop, resize or rotation).

6. Click Upload (don’t click OK yet!)

7. Once redirected to Image info tab, click OK.

Edit image

Crop image

  1. Click the Crop icon in the menu.
  2. Left click and drag the selection where you want the image to be cropped. It’s also possible to specify the size and location of the selection by putting in numbers (pixels) in the fields (Size, Top/Left). 
  3. Click the green button left of Upload to confirm.
  4. To undo click the gray Undo button.

Resize image


  1. Click the Resize button in the menu.
  2. Put in a new value either/or in the left field (width) or the right field (height). To change the image size with constraint proportions click Lock aspect ratio after changing width or height. Some browsers also support changing the size of the image by dragging one of it’s corners.
  3. Click the green button left of Upload to confirm.
  4. To undo click the gray Undo button.

Rotate image

  1. Rotate the image by clicking the Rotate button.
  2. Click the green button left of Upload to confirm.
  3. To undo click the gray Undo button.

Note: Crop and rotate is only possible before the image is uploaded. Changing size is possible to do even after an image has been uploaded from the Image properties. However, if you reduced the size of the image before uploading it, it will be of lower quality if you make it bigger again afterwards.

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