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This guide covers the following:

Web Manuals Reader for iPad


Web Manuals is a cloud based system for editing and distributing controlled documents. Web Manuals Reader for iPad is a client for reading such documents.

The application is produced by Web Manuals International AB. Read more at www.webmanuals.aero.


What you will need

  • You will need an iPad (3rd generation, 2012) or later model with Web Manuals Reader for iPad installed.
  • You will need to have iOS 8 or later installed on your device.
  • You will need an active Web Manuals Reader for iPad account.
  • Internet access for initial logon and to receive updates.


Starting the Web Manuals App

To start the the Web Manuals Reader, find the Web Manuals icon and tap it.


Logging In to the Web Manuals App

If you have previously logged in to your company’s site you will be taken to the login view where you login with your Username and Password. Otherwise you will be shown a login form where you enter the Customer ID, which is unique for every customer. If you don’t know your company’s Customer ID, ask your system administrator.

Type the Customer ID and click Continue to go to the Login screen.

The next step is to enter your Username and Password and click Login to login to the app.

Login settings

Save login

When Save login is checked the app will save your credentials which means that you will be automatically logged in next time you open the app.


When Online is checked the app is allowed to communicate with the server for updates. If you are connected to internet, this will be enabled by default. Conversely, disabling this option will log you in under Offline mode which will prohibit the app from talking with the server and thus no updates will be transmitted. Offline mode can only be used by a user account that has already used the device in Online mode

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password click I forgot my password. This will show you a screen where you enter your e-mail address and click Send. An e-mail will be sent to you containing instructions on how to reset your password.

Note: Clicking on your company logo will bring you back to the screen where you enter your customer ID.


Logging In to the Web Manuals App

Online login

When at the login screen, press the button Login Online. Note that tapping Switch to regular login will take you to the normal login screen.


Microsoft’s authentication portal will open. Enter your credentials or choose your user from the list of previously used ones and click Sign in.

If you haven’t previously created an offline passcode, you will be asked to do so directly after logging in. You may skip this step and it will come back the next time you log in.

Either enter a 6-digit passcode and click Save or click Skip to log in to the app.

Offline login

When at the login screen, press the Login Offline button.

Enter your username and the 6-digit passcode and click Login. Normally the username will be set to the last logged in user to make this process easier.

If the correct username and passcode combination was entered, you should now be logged in.


Overview of the Dashboard

In this section we will provide a brief overview of the dashboard of the Web Manuals Reader for iPad.

The dashboard provides you with a quick summary of several document categories.


Operationally Critical Documents*
These are documents that are of critical importance when flying. This view polls the Operationally Critical Documents category and checks whether or not these have been downloaded to the device and then displays the results.

Unread Documents
These are documents that have not yet been read. Could be new documents or existing documents that has been updated.

Latest Published Documents
Shows the total amount of documents assigned to you, including any documents that have yet to be downloaded.

Clicking View all on any of these boxes will take you into a comprehensive list of documents pertaining to that category.

* Operationally Critical Documents will only appear on the Dashboard when the Operationally Critical Category has been assigned to the role your are set to.

Note: If you are logged in with Offline mode the text Offline mode will be visible over Home.


Left Toolbar

The dashboard interface has a number of features attached to its left toolbar. Each of these will be explained in more detail on the following pages.


Tapping Home will take you back to the dashboard.

Shows all the categories and documents you have access to. From here you can open documents, delete documents from the iPad etc.

Shows the new documents or newly released revisions of documents that you haven’t yet read.

Displays a list of all pages (with the associated documents) that you have selected as Favorites in the Reader.

Let’s you search for one or multiple words through all the available documents.



Tapping the Documents button will open the categories tab, where you can browse and find a document you are looking for.

Document screen overview


Displays the category name. Some categories have sub-categories, which will be revealed when tapping a category. There can be multiple levels of sub-categories.

My Documents
With My Documents you can easily collect all documents that are important for your daily work. The documents are listed in the same way as in a normal category.

Nr of documents inside of category
The number to the right of some of the categories indicates how many documents are located within that category. Categories without any number next to them indicate that the category has no direct child documents.

Revision Name
ndicates a published revision’s name.

Date of Revision Publication
Indicates the date a revision was published.


Swiping left on documents and categories

  • Swiping left on any category will show a Download all button that allows you to download all documents in that category.

  • Swiping left on a document will show a Delete button that allows you to delete the selected document from the iPad’s storage. Deleting a document only deletes it from the device storage, not the Web Manuals database. The document can be re-downloaded again after deleting if you are connected to internet.

  • Swiping left on a document will also show Add to My Documents, which if clicked will put the document in My Documents visible above the categories under Documents (with a star icon instead of a folder icon). To remove a document from My Documents, swipe left and click Remove from My Documents


  • Swiping left on PDFs will show an Open in button that allows you to open the PDF in the iPad’s native PDF viewer instead of the one designed by Web Manuals. This viewer will allow you to share the document to other sources.


Click Thumbnails in the upper right corner to view thumbnails of the available documents. Click List to go back to the default list view.


Click Unread to view all the unread documents (can be new documents or existing documents that has been updated). The number next to the icon indicates how many unread documents you have.

By default you check out the documents (removes them from the list of Unread documents) by opening them, reading them and closing them. However, it is possible for the system administrator to change to different checkout options.

The checkout option Accept means that the document requires an explicit checkout. If activated the button Accept will be available. Tap it to confirm that you have read the document and the document will be checked out.


The checkout option Quiz means that you have to complete a quiz before the document can be checked out. If the current document requires this, then the Quiz button will be available. Once pressed you will be taken to the quiz.

The quiz contain of questions related to the document and if you answer enough questions correctly (this is set by the system administrator), the document will be checked out.


Tapping the Favorites button will open up a tab with the pages you have marked as favorite documents, along with the documents they belongs to.


Tapping the Search button will open up a window that allows you to search for documents and the contents within a document. It is possible to search for multiple words. If you activate Online Search you will search through all documents you have permission to read, even those that are not yet downloaded to your iPad.

Overview of the Reader

The Reader view is displayed when you select a web document from the Dashboard. To turn a page in a document swipe your finger across a page from right to left to go to the next page and left to right to go to the previous page.

1. Left Toolbar

Features different tools that can be utilised in the web document.

Shows a overview of all pages within the document.

Shows the documents Table of Contents.

Shows the search tool.

Allows for pages to be added to favorites and displays all favorite pages.

Allows for comments to be added to a page and displays all page comments. If activated it is possible to send so called Change Requests, which will create a Task that will be assigned to the person that is responsible for administrating the manual. A Change Request cannot be seen by other users. 

Fit manual
Make the whole page be visible in the Reader, which means that it will be smaller and you will not have to scroll to see the entire content.

Allows for pages to be printed.

Allows for highlights and annotations to be entered onto the page.

2. Top Menu

Provides access to settings that control the functionality of the app as well as providing quick access to the dashboard and recent documents.

Takes you back to the previous view.

Takes you back to the Documents view in the Dashboard.

List of shortcuts to recent documents as well as the Dashboard views.


3. Navigation Bar

You can navigate through the document via the navigation bar that spans the bottom portion of the screen. The bar has several different buttons on it.

First / Last
Navigates to the first or last page of the document.

Navigates through chapters instead of pages.

Navigates by displaying pages changed since last revision.

Prev / Next
Displays the previous or next page in the document.


Left Toolbar


Tap this button to show an overview of the current document, with thumbnail images of all the individual pages. A delta sign icon (an triangle shaped icon) on a page means the page has changed. A star icon means the page is marked by you as a favorite page.


Table of Contents

Tap this button to show the table of contents for the current document. To expand a chapter or a sub-chapter, tap the right-pointing arrow.


To search in a document from the Reader, click Search from the toolbar. A window will popup where you type the search word and click Search. All pages containing the word your searched for will show up, and when clicking on a page the word will be highlighted.

In the lower down corner of the Reader you will see a navigation window which lets you jump between the pages containing the word you searched for.


This icon lets you bookmark a page, when the icon is hollow it’s Not bookmarked and when it’s filled in you can find it under Bookmarks in the home dashboard.


Tap this button to show the comments made on the current page. It also allows you to write a comment of your own. If you have sufficient permissions, you will also be able to delete comments. The number indicates how many comments have been added for the current page.

Fit manual

Tap this button to make the manual fit the screen, which will display it in portrait mode thus making all the content visible without the need to scroll. A Zoom in button will popup which will zoom in the page again.


Tap this button to show a menu for printing out the page you are currently viewing.



To add a highlight to a page press the Highlight button and select a color. Proceed with selecting the text you want to highlight, once selected click outside the selection.



You can add short annotations to your highlights by tapping on a highlighted text. This will bring up a box where you can enter the appropriate text. Press Save to confirm the change. Note that highlights with annotations have a dotted border around itself.


Top Menu


List of shortcuts to recent opened documents.


The slider allows you to change the backlight brightness of your screen.


By clicking on this button a menu will appear with different options which will be described below.

It is possible to wipe the device of all downloaded content here.

This button allows you to toggle between online and offline mode. In offline mode the Reader will not attempt to send or receive data to/from the servers.

Forces the application to connect to the server and check for any changes.

The Help button will display the help manual.

Displays the application id and the Web Manuals application version number.

Tapping this button will log you out.


PDF documents 

You recognize PDF files by the red PDF icon. Clicking a PFD file will open it in the Web Manuals PDF Reader. If you want to open the PDF file in the iPads native PDF Reader, swipe left and click Open in. Note that it is possible for the system administrator to disable this feature.

A PDF file.

Swipe left on the PDF file to reveal the menu.

The PDF Reader

When you open the PDF file in Web Manuals PDF Reader you get access to a menu with several options.


1) Back
Takes you back to the previous page.

2) Home
Takes you back to the document view.

3) Recent
Displays your recent opened documents. 

4) Search
Lets you search the PDF.

5) Brightness
The slider allows you to change the backlight brightness of your screen.

​6) Pages
Changes the view to a list containing thumbnails of all the pages in the document. Pressing on a thumbnail will take you to that page in the regular view.

7) ToC/Bookmarks
Tap this button to show the table of contents for the current document or to manage your bookmarks. To expand a chapter or a subchapter, tap the right-pointing arrow.

8) Print
Lets you print the document (either the current page or the whole document).

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