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Smart Module: Create a Table of Contents

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This guide covers the following:

Smart Module: Create a Table of Contents

  1. Open an empty page of a Web Document.
  2. Click on the page. 
  3. Select Table of Contents.
  4. When you apply the Table of Contents module on the page the settings menu is displayed. Choose settings and click on Save to apply the Table of Contents to the page.

How to Use the Table of Contents Module

Show Table of Contents for
Allows you to select which chapter you would like to show headings for. 

Only show chapters
If enabled, it only shows chapters in the first dropdown menu. If disabled, it allows you to create a ToC for a subheading. 

Show Heading levels
Allows you to select up to which level headings should be displayed in the ToC.

Number of lines to show
Adjust the number of lines that you would like to be displayed in the ToC. 

An illustration on how a Web Manuals Table of Contents could look like.

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