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Web Manuals Guide

Link Editing in Web Manuals

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This guide covers the following:

Link Editing in Web Manuals

How to Add a Link

Select the text you would like to link and click on the Link icon (shown above).

Web Document Link

When creating links to Web Documents there are three different kinds you can make.

  1. Document link – Creates a link to the first page in the selected document.
  2. Page link – Creates a link to a specific page in the selected document.
  3. Heading link – Creates a link to a specific heading in the selected document.

Document Link

The first dropdown menu contains a list of documents on the site, which are grouped in categories. Remember that the Page and Heading link are only available for selection once a Document has been selected. If you just want to create a link to a document select one from the first dropdown and ignore the second dropdown menu.

Page Link

The second dropdown menu contains either pages or headings found in the selected document. Set the radio button to ‘Pages’ to display the list of pages in the document.

Heading Link

The second dropdown menu contains either headings or pages found in the selected document. Set the radio button to ‘Headings’ to switch to displaying headings.

File Document Link

Under the File Document tab you find a dropdown menu containing all the available File Documents on the site, sorted under the appropriate categories. For PDF:s there is the option to link to a specific page (only works in Chrome and Firefox).

Controlled Link

By default the Controlled Link checkbox is checked, which means that the system will detect changes to the content you linked to and will warn you. To disable this feature simply deselect the checkbox. You will find all links within the document under Monitor > Cross References.

A red background on a link means that the link is either broken or that something has been changed. To correct this you can click on the page in the document that has the link (on the left side as seen above). This will open the page in the Editor and show a red flag icon next to the link. 

Double click the red flag to open up the Link box. If the header has changed the system will in most cases find the new page for you. If not, try to find it and check that everything is as it should with the linked page. If that is the case, click UPDATE LINK to update it and remove the warning.


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