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From Reminder to Revision

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This guide covers the following:

From Reminder to Revision

Receiving the reminder

The reminder sent to the user should look similar to the following example:

  • This email contains the information on the document and revision that have been updated and published. It also states the published date, along with the frequency of the reminders.
  • The document is also a link that will direct the user to the site where the document is located.


Clicking on a document from the list in the Reminder email leads the user to the site that contains the document. 

  • Enter your credentials and click on Login.

Accessing the Document

Upon logging in the user will be directed to the Dashboard, which displays the list of unread documents, as shown below.

Click on the document in order to open the document and read its content. 

Note: After you have opened the document it will disappear from the Update page.

Checking out the Document

There are three different checkout options, where checkout by opening the document is the most common. The other options are checking out by clicking a checkout button in the document, and by completing a quiz at the enf of the document.

Checkout button

If activated the user must click the button Accept in order to check out the document.

Quiz check out

If activated the user must complete a Quiz in order to check out the document. It may contain various questions, either with single or multiple choices. The percentage of correct answers needed in order to be successfully completed can also be adjusted.

Below is an example of a quiz. 

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