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Edit a Form

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This guide covers the following:

Edit a Form

Click on Modules and subsequently on Forms in the main menu. 

Click on the form that you would like to edit. 

Click on Actions, which you find in the bottom-left corner of this view.

Finally, click on Form fields. 

How to add a field

Click on Add field.

Select the type of field that you would like to add among the options available in the list. 

Clicking on a field type will add the field to the form and will open a dialog window with settings based on the field type. 

Field Settings 

The example below shows the options you are presented with when selecting Checkbox. 

In this example you can change:

1. The title of the field.
2. Its layout.
3. Whether it is required that the user specifies a preference.
4. Whether it is restricted and therefore will be invisible to the Reader and it will only be possible to fill it out for an Admin.
5. Whether it will be visible in the list of entries.
6. The order of the checkboxes and the text next to them. 

Click on Save in order to save the field settings and on Delete in order to remove the field in question from the form. 

The dialog window displaying field settings can always be opened again by clicking on the field. 

Edit a Form 

​Once you have added the desired fields you can move fields around by dragging and dropping them where needed. 

Their size can be increased/reduced by dragging their bottom-right corner. 

You can add more pages by clicking on the plus next to Page 1. 

Note that if no fields are added to the additional page the page will disappear as soon as the Edit Fields dialog window is closed.

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