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Documentation Navigation Guide

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This guide covers the following:

Documentation Navigation Guide


The view below is the Reader, from which you are able to read the documents assigned to you in Web Manuals.

  1. The menu 
  2. Recent and My Documents 
  3. Page Structure and Table of Contents 
  4. Navigation buttons 
  5. Zoom and Print
  6. Comments, Change Requests and Favourites
  7. Search 

The menu

The menu on the left-side of the page allows you to 

  • Go to the Dashboard, where you will be able to access other documents
  • View the list of documents you still need to read 
  • View the list of documents that need to be reviewed
  • View the list of all documents that you have access to 
  • Access the Administrator interface if you are an Admin or an Editor

Recent and My Documents

By clicking on Recent you will see all the documents that you have recently opened while by clicking on My Documents you will see all the documents that you have marked as your favorites. You can mark a document as your favorite by locating it  under Documents, clicking on the overflow menu corresponding to it and finally clicking on Add to My Documents. 

Clicking on an item in either Recent of My Documents list will open up that document in the Reader. 

Page Structure and Table of Contents 

By clicking on you will be able to view the list of pages in your document. Pages marked with the Delta sign are pages with changes and pages with the star icon are pages that you have added to your favorites. The filter, found in the upper right corner, allows you to filter on the desired pages by page name.

By clicking on you will be able to view the list of headings in your document. 

Clicking an item in either list will open up the relevant page in the Reader.

Navigation buttons

The navigation buttons allow you to move between 

  • The first and the last page of the document
  • The previous and the next chapter
  • The previous and the next changed page
  • The previous and the next page 

If a button is grayed out it means that there is no page to navigate to using that button.

Zoom and Print 

By clicking on the Zoom button you are able to zoom in and out on your document and you can also enable the possibility of viewing multiple pages at the same time. 

The cogwheel icon next to it allows you to print either the whole document or single pages. Whether or not you are allowed to print without watermark is determined by the settings of your site. 

Comments, Change Requests and Favorites 

Clicking on the comment icon allows you to make a comment on the page. Once the comment is added all other users will be able to see it and the total number of comments made on the page in question will show in the top-right corner of the icon. Like this:  

If this icon is not visible in your view it means that comments have not been enabled for the document in question. 

Clicking on the change request icon allows you to send a change request directly to the owner of the document in question. Type in the content of your change request in the text field and click on Add Change Request.

If this icon is not visible in your view it means that change requests have not been enabled for the document in question. 

By clicking on the icon you can mark the page that you are viewing as your favorite.


When using the search function in the reader you can choose to search the current document or any document that you have access to on the site. 

By clicking on one of the pages in the list you will open it up in the Reader. 

Highlights and Annotations

You can highlight a particularly important section of the text by simply selecting it with your cursor and choosing a color. 

After selecting the color you will be able to create an annotation related to the text that you highlighted. 

Highlights and annotations are personal and can only be viewed by the user that creates them in the Portal and the Web Manuals app. 

The full list of annotations can be found by clicking on the Page Structure icon and subsequently by clicking on the annotation icon.

User Settings Menu

In the top-right corner of the Reader you find the User Settings Menu. The menu items available can vary depending on your user type and site specific settings. 

  • Edit profile allows you to change information such as email, name, phone number and address among others
  • Change password allows you to change the password
  • Logout allows you to log out of the site
  • Settings allows you to enable and disable the display of different sections in your Reader Dashboard
  • Theme allows you to switch between light and dark theme in your Reader

View a future revision

Make it possible to view a future revision in the Reader

When you publish a revision you can make it available from a future date, as opposed to right away. If you select this option you are able to choose whether readers can view the next revision before the date it is actually published.

Once you have published a document you should click on the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of the Editor view and click on Revision Archive. You should then select the latest published revision and select the checkbox next to Allow Readers to view this Revision before “from” date. 

View a future revision in the Reader

If the option Allow Readers to view this Revision before “from” date  is checked a dropdown menu is displayed in the topbar of the Reader and you can choose which revision you would like to view. 

Reviewing a document

As a Reviewer you have access to the review tools below: 

1 – Accept/Reject buttons
2- Review icon
3 & 4- Review log
5 – Workflow steps 

Accept/Reject buttons

If you would like to accept a page after reviewing it and therefore confirm that the content is correct, you should click on Accept. By accepting a page, you move the page to the next workflow step. If, on the other hand, the content is incorrect you should click on Reject and add the reason for your rejection in the comment field that will be displayed. 

Review icon

By clicking on this icon, you can accept/reject multiple pages at the same time. You can select individual pages from the list or you can also click on one of the color-coded checkboxes above the list in order to select all pages in a certain workflow step. You can accept/reject  all selected pages at once by clicking on Accept/Reject.

Review log

By clicking on mat comment-24px-min you can see all the review comments that have been made for the page in question. By selecting Show All you can see the review log of the page that you are viewing.

 You can add a comment by clicking on Add comment.

You can also add a comment by selecting the text that your comment should refer to and type your comment in the field that is displayed.

By clicking on the review log icon in the bottom of this view you can see the full list of reviewer comments made and by selecting Show all status changes you can see the review log of the entire document. 

Workflow steps

The colored dots in the top-right corner of the page indicate the steps of the Workflow that the document needs to go through in order to be approved. 

The current one for the page viewed is marked by a black ring. A page can be accepted also by clicking on the dot following the current one instead of clicking on Accept.

Delta icon

When reading a document it is easy to see where changes have been applied. In the top-left corner of the page content a delta sign is displayed if the page contains a change and a revision bar marks the section of the text affected by the change. 

By clicking on the delta sign you can see the change highlighted, purple for additions to the text, red for removal of content. 

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