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Web Manuals Guide

Connect Regulatory Requirements to a Web Manuals document

Connect Compliance Requirements to a Web Manuals document - Aviation Compliance Libraries

This guide covers the following:

Connect Regulatory Requirements to a Web Manuals document

  1. Open the document that you would like to connect to a compliance requirement. 
  2. Click on Monitor > Compliance
  3. Click on the relevant Compliance Library
  1. Click on the Connect icon. 
  2. Choose the heading that you would like to connect the requirement to, responsible user, start date, frequency and add a comment (all are optional).
  3. Click on Add.

How to update compliance connections 

When a requirement needs to be updated, due to changes to either the requirement itself or the heading that it is connected to, it will be marked in red as shown in the image below. In this case  you will need to update the requirement.

  1. Click the pen icon on the requirement.
  2. Change the heading.
  3. Click on Update.
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